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Day 61 - Hiccup


Starting Again!
Well I had my second hiccup yesterday. But it was only minor and I was in complete control! Woke up late again (I've got to sort my sleeping patterns out) so Mum made me a syn free stir fry which was lovely, free on Green with a HExB for the beef. And I had a scone (11 syns) and a Mini Milk (1.5 syns) so that was all fine, well within my 15 syn limit and still had 2 A's and 1 B's left.

But then we went out, planned on going to the Orchard - somewhere we'd never been, but Flex decided it was too expensive so we went to the harvester. I wasn't going to eat, but didn't want to be the only one not eating and I was quite hungry, so I decided to flip over to an Extra Easy day and have chicken, mash, peas and gravy, I think the gravy might have tipped me over slightly but still. Then the puddings came and I thought **** it I've been really good for 9 weeks, lost 2 stone (possibly 3) and I deserve a treat so I did, not sure how many syns I went over by, and I know I may not have the loss I might wish for this week, but I don't care, today is a new day and I'm back on track :)

I think it's important to let ourselves relax and have the odd hiccup or have a little of what we fancy, otherwise not only do we go mad, but we blow the plan by eating all of everything, and what is one dessert, or one day, or one week in years of my new slim life I've got to look forward to. So all in all I'm feeling good :D

I hope this gives others hope :)

Natt xxx
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Slow but sure....
That is so true Natt, as you say you were in control and knew what you were doing, if you are careful with your syns over the weekend you still could get a loss or a STS come Monday WI.

We all have these little hiccups, we wouldn't be human if we didn't and if you enjoyed it, then that is all that matters.

Have a good weekend. X


Mad old Bat with Attitude
That's what flexible syns are for Natt! As long as you enjoyed it. What did you have?


Starting Again!
I had something called Rocky Horror! Chocolate fudge topped with ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top, beautiful! I have to say, after not eating much sweets, chocs, cakes etc., it did taste awfully sweet!


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Fair play to you :) Well done for controlling you food - not letting food control you. The worst that could happen is that you then go 'oh well i was bad yesterday so I might as well just be bad today' etc etc. thats when the weight goes on!!
I'm sure a cheeky little dessert has done you no harm :)


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done Natt, for being in control.
I think it is important to have treat days, and flexi syns as long as you carry on with the plan straight after.
I think it makes it much easier to stay on track that way.


I can do this............
Well done Natt for being controlled and getting back on track! I bet you still have a loss this week too! The dessert sounds devine too!
everyone deserves a little treat every now and again! like we say, you would go mad if you didn't and end up eating lots of other rubbish! as long as we stay on track after the treat! I brought home lots of chocolate yesterday as i'm a teaching assistant and a few of the kids bought me pressies so I will enjoy working my way through those! they last so much longer now i'm counting syns! its great! :) i've had a wetherspoons brekkie today but did donate some of it to my son (didn't eat all of the beans and only 1 hash brown as on a red day) so I'm just going to be good for the rest of the day! really enjoyed it so it was worth using my syns on!


Full Member
Hi Squiddie - I wouldn't even call that a hiccup, really. Sounds like you were in the driving seat and making good, informed choices all the way.

You know, there's a technique involved in treating stammering that I think has a bit of crossover usefulness in losing weight. Stammerers are often taught to openly or deliberately stammer in a situation, even when they don't feel they're going to. Because stammering is something they often fear and try to avoid wherever possible, the theory is that by opening up and deliberately stammering or making errors in the speech, it not only takes some pressure off them, but it teaches them how to deal with those mistakes and not to become too obsessed by them. It's called 'deliberate disfluency' I think. Maybe there should be a parallel for weight loss?! I agree that treats are absolutely vital, and I think that having the odd sweet keeps you in touch with reality, the reality you're going to be inhabiting for the rest of your life once you lose the weight - you're not going to be in some strange dieting bubble forever, so it makes sense to stretch your wings, learn how to handle everyday situations in a way that works for you, and engage with potentially difficult foods. Be a bit dietarily disfluent, for want of a better expression!

Hope you enjoyed that pud - you deserve it!

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