Day 7 and really craving food!!


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Hi Liz
Hunger can get to you when ever hun , how have you been doing on this ?
Your first weigh in ...u go girl !
Let us know how you get on and if the hunger keeps up try drinking another glass of water , hot or cold !


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Hi all
I'm on day 7 and really craving food!!! I'm also feeling hungry at times. Is this normal for day 7? I'm going for my first weigh in tomorrow so should find out if i'm in ketosis. Is there anything at all that you can eat that would do very little damage??
Thanks x ;)

Hi Lizzied, people get over there hunger at different times.....the key is to drink plenty of water. The cravings for food are hard for a while, I found sniffing what my lot ate helped (not the same for everyone )
You really do not want to eat, it will set you back to square one, making all your discomfort for nothing.

Good luck for tomorrow and keep drinking the water, it does help.