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Day 8 (help!)

1st weeks diary:


Well this is my 8th day of the plan. Officially joined last night - 12 week countdown course here I come!

I am sooooo new to extra easy (having been doing red and green for last week) and would really appreciate if someone will look over today's food diary


Clementines x 2


2 x slices warburtons wholemeal bread (400g loaf) HeB
1 x slice morrisons eat smart ham
Clementines x 2
Light laughing cow triangle - 1.5 syns


250ml semi skimmed milk (for coffee) HeA
Clementines x 2


Extra easy spaghetti bolognese


Red onion, peppers, garlic, carrot, mushrooms, extra lean steak mince, Worcestershire sauce, oxo cubes x 2, Tabasco, oregano ( dried), mixed herbs. All done in slowcooker.

Wholemeal spaghetti

1/3 of plate is cauliflower and broccoli

No snackages this evening. Please advise me if I am following the plan correctly!

Thanks in advance x x x x
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addicted to minimins
I'm not familiar with this diet but it looks to me like you've been careful. :heartpump: Keep it up! :party0011:


Strutting her stuff
You are not eating very much at all - honestly I would be starving come lunchtime and chewing my hand off by dinner time.
I suggest a larger breakfast including some protein or carbs to keep you going. You probably didn't get your one third superfree at lunchtime but could have had a load of salad on/with your sandwich and more ham if you wanted. And i would try and use more syns - aim for between 5 and 15 a day.
Thanks circes!

My problem is that I have never been a breakfast person. Having herbal tea and some fruit is about all I can stomach.

I'll add babyleaf salad to my lunch with some dressing and maybe an egg!

I honestly don't feel hungry at all though. What do you recommend I should add to breakfast?

How about the spaghetti bolognese?


Spag bol looks good. Just to point out though that if you are adding extra veg because you want it thats good, but the veg you have added onion, carrot, mush etc counts as your 1/3 superfree.

So if you dont want the extra and you are eating it for the sake of it (if you know what I mean) you dont really have to have it.

Hope that made sense :D

As Circes said breakfast does seem a bit light I would be starving by 10, can you not have some more substantial for a brunch say.
I leave for work at 6.30am and only have a microwave and toaster at work. How about adding a mullerlight?

I've just finished my dinner - absolutely stuffed - ate loads! I added the cauliflower and broccoli as want to eat more veg.
Day 9 (Friday)

Yesterday was quite challenging as I go out with friend for drinks etc. I decided upon a green day.

Here's what I had:


Clementines x 2


Wholemeal toast x 2 - HeB
Laughing cow light x 1 triangle - 1.5 syns


Jacket potato x 2
58g cheese - 2 x HeA


Vodka and slim - 2.5
Gin and slim - 2.5
advokaat and slim lemonade - 9

Total - 15.5

Day 10 (today - green)


Half a pineapple


Jacket potato
Cheese - 58g - HeA x 2


Splash of milk in tea x 3 - 1.5 syns

Roll on tomorrow - extra easy here I come!!! x
Day 11 (extra easy)



Late lunch/early dinner

Spag Bol, wholemeal pasta, salad




Salad dressing - 0.5 syns
Gin and slim - 2.5

Green day tomorrow
Looks good to me. I've been doing extra easy since the beginning of September and I usually have a mullerlight or an Alpen light bar with a cup of tea when I get to work. Quite often I don't eat anything else until lunch time (I might have an apple if I get hungry). I have lost weight every week (except Christmas and one other week when I didn't stick to it at all) so j wouldn't worry about having a small breakfast. As long as you don't feel hungry / deprived and you are happy with your weight loss then you don't need to change anything.
Yes I think it's working although I'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out if I've lost.

Am doing a green day tomorrow so I'm having:


Weetabix x 2 heb
250ml semi skimmed milk hea


2 slices wholemeal toast
Salad - babyleaf, red onion, cucumber
2 boiled eggs


Batchelors savoury rice with added onions, garlic, peas, chilli.

How are yours working out?
looks good keep it up, i never used to have breakfast and all i now manage is friut and yog, then nothing till lunch, if you feel ok and not hungry then dont change anything, i love extra easy and never do anyother the only thing i would say is try a low fat cheese as you can have 42g for a hxa choice and if having it on a jacket seems to be more indulgent as got more (i like the kerry low low as not to hard like most low fat cheese seems to be)
feel free to have a look at my food diary ive only just started putting them on so only a few days worth but may give you some ideas xx
Thanks for your help. My problem is that I'm just not that hungry at that time in the morning but tomorrow I am getting up 30 mins early and I will come downstairs and have my breakfast at the dining table with my partner.

If I'm hungry when I get to work I'll snack on fruit and then have my salad and yogurt for lunch and then home for dinner.

Do you always have your syns? x
i have 5-8 syns a day, if im having a night out i will use about 20-30 syns on alcohol!! (im a pig!) but then i will have very little syns the rest of the week.
i have chocolate most days (the mini green and blacks bars 4 syns each) but dont like to have more that that as im scared i will fall back into old habbits!! xxx
That's exactly what I am scared of. I feel that I am very much an all or nothing eater. If I have a little (a packet of crisps or chocolate) i am scared that I'll ruin it by eating the whole bag or bar.

If I don't have anything then I don't miss it. For me it's worse to have a little and the stop than not to have any at all. x


Addicted to Minimins!
I'm not a breakfast person, i tend to hve banana and yog and then take some fruit for mid morning, i do however have emergency alpen lights, a mug shot and a tin of spaghetti in my drawer at work

You have taken to the diet so well, have you found it as easy as you appear to?

Had to laugh at your 3 different drinks, gin, vodka, advocaat
I know it's terrible isn't it? I have been harping on all week to my friends that I didn't have s snowball at Christmas so we all went out for cocktails but I stuck to the gin (and just the 1) We went to vodka revolution and my friends had strawberry woo woos (my fav). What's worse is that it's revolutions 15th b'day so they brought around loads of nibbles (I didn't have any and was chuffed with myself). When we got home I made a snowball. I'd usually put brandy in it but decided that was a little too excessive. Then had another one, then had a vodka and slim bitter lemon!! A good Friday night!!!

My friend has been doing slimming world for the last 8 months so I pretty much new what I was doing from the start. She follows the original plan but I am experimenting with ee and it's great - I'm teaching het things. It's also great to have someone who is doing it so when I am feeling like a naughty snack (ikea on Saturday - I wanted daim cake) she was there to stop me. We ended up eating jacket potato cheese and baked beans in my car - classy!

I am finding it quite easy but my problem is that I can't have a little bit of a nice thing. It's almost like I get the taste got something and end up eating loads of it! I'm planning my day the night before and it's working so I'll see ignite paid off on Wednesday! Stay tuned! x
Day 12


Weetabix - HxB
250 ml semi skimmed milk - HxA




2 x slices wholemeal toast
2 x boiled eggs
Salad - babyleafs, onion, cucumber


Batchelors chicken savoury rice
Green chilli
Tandoori powder

May have a mini milk after dinner as it's pretty spicy!!!
Natalie I'm just like you. That's how I got so fat. Can't just have one biscuit. Can't just have one handful of crisps. It's the whole bag or nothing.

Or was. :)

I think what's working for me now is dividing everything up into small portions and keeping it in the freezer if possible. Made a scan bran cake, and portioned it out into3-syn bags and shoved it straight in the freezer so that if I want a bit I have to wait. What can't be frozen goes into individual bags and into a treat tin. I can still eat the whole packet of biscuits if I want, but I'll have to open 30 bl**dy little fiddly sandwich bags to do it. :)

I write down in my diary STRAIGHT AWAY when I've had a treat. And I have a back plan of no-syn treats from the puddings book, just in case I blow all my syns before 9am.

And I make sure the syn store is full of things I would normally be scared to eat - mini mars bars and snickers mostly. Knowing I can have them helps me not want them so much. On this subject, I really, really recommend you have a look through any book by Geneen Roth. "When You Eat At The Refrigerator, Pull Up A Chair" in particular. Nice short read about just the thing we have a problem with. Most book stores and libraries should have something by her.

I don't know if this is going to last, but at the minute I don't always have that voice in my head reminding me about the chocolate in the cupboard. You know the one. ;-) It's lovely to be free of that so much.
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