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Day 8 no ciggies and Day 1 diet

Hi everyone.

I have tried and failed many times to give up ciggies, but am now on day 8 and feeling marvellous (apart from a stinking cold). Am using 14mg patches when I'm awake as the dreams I get are a bit too much while wearing them. Apparently I am supposed to use these for 6 weeks before stepping down to 7mg patch, but am still craving cigarettes.

I am starting my diet today - a week earlier than planned as I have done nothing but eat toast (pure comfort food) since quitting and my waistline doesn't like that, so I figured why not quit both at the same time?

What I want to know is how long I will keep getting cravings for.
I live in a house with 2 other smokers - thankfully they only smoke by the back door - and there have been a few occasions that if they had left any ciggies lying around I would have had them. I desperately want to stay on the straight and narrow as I have never got this far on the journey, and there is no point in wrecking it now.

Does anyone have any tips on overcoming the cravings and not reaching for the toaster?
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Well, first I think your brave in trying to do both at once. I couldn't manage that at all.

I'm on day 50, good news is I feel great and bounded up the stairs to my office this morning.

Bad news is I still get caught short and want one.

I used the gum initially, I bought a box of 30 and still have half of them left. I haven't wanted to use them again, and anyway the gum burned my mouth.


Advice deep breaths when you want one.

Hope that helps.
How's it going? Very hard to quit with 2 smokers in the house. Just try smelling them and you'll soon realise how ghastly they smell!
I found the under the tongue tabs a great help. Something about the really strong taste that gave me the impression that I'd just had a cigarette so I didn't need another one.....I quit June 2007 and it's the BEST thing I've ever done. You'll do it too and feel SO good about yourself!:cool:
I'm OK at the moment, but I'm still struggling when I'm around smokers, still 56 days now and every day it's got to be better.
I know how you feel about scared leslieann, it is scary but you have to be positive. Good luck!
I reckon we forget what we feel like when we smoke. My Doc said to walk and I'm sure he was right as it's hilly here and I used to puff SO much and feel awful whereas now I can charge about so much easier! You're also someone with great will power - I've seen how you've dealt with your weight loss which is truly inspirational.

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