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Day 9's brick wall

Hi All,

Im only new to this forum thanks to my mate introducing me to it.
Today is day 9 on lt and im finding today has been the worse day so far.. Firstly I was disappointed with my just under 5lb weight loss and have been soo tempted to just have 1 bite to eat that many times that ive begun to think... just win the lotto and pay a surgeon to do all the hard work for me!!! ;)
I do have motivation, I have loads of things on this year, weddings, family bdays and most of all New York at the end of May. I want to be able to finally shop for smaller clothes and what better place to go than NY??
Im just finding it so hard to get past this wall. Im really hungry today and in the can I really do this frame of mind.
Can anyone help me with some friendly advise?

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just drink plenty of water when ever u feel hungry,,, thats working on me.. every body have different body type.. so this week if u lost 5 lbs next week may be more than that.. stick to it as i feel it will do wonders :D


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hey Rasher,

I know 5lb seems disappointing to you but its not its brill, well done.
Thing is you need to look back to a week ago and ask why did u want to do this, i guarantee your reasons will be the same as most of us..stick with it u are doing really great and 5lb is fantastic, I agree with go-slim drinking water is the key.

good luck
Diole xx ;)
GO RASHER!!! (I'm the mate :D)

everytime you are close to food just remember i will be round to do this :copon:
i am living on sniffing food & cooking for my partner.. and unfortunately he's feeling more hungry now adays.. and coming up with new ideas and recipes for meals to cook me.. it was hard on the first day.. but now i m use to it.. and what i cant it i m cooking it for others with new ideas. :D

But sniffing give me enough support and thinkung that food will be still there in the world when i will finish up with my diet is another support :D
5lb is great rasher, think how long it would take u to loose that on ww, stick with it, its really worth it in a few weeks u will feel on top of the world, people will start to comment on how much weight ur loosin and ur energy levels will go through the roof! i lost 9.5 stone on lipo and i felt and looked amazing people didnt even recognise me! but make sure u do a proper refeed at the end because i didnt and i put on about 3-4 stone lol but back on track now!

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