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Day One again


I'm feeling so fed up. I suffer from bad PMT - I get so depressed that it's crippling. I was probably at my worst yesterday. I ended up eating last night. I'm so used to using food as my comfort, nothing else would do.

I'm feeling like I need a few days break from CD - Just to do some healthy eating. Not to pig out. I just feel like I want some time out and restart when I'm feeling happier.

I think all in all though I maybe need to rethink which CD plan I do when I restart. I'm SO fed up with 790. It's been great and I'm pleased with my weight loss but I'm bored of the food even though I try to vary things as much as I can. I'm wondering about whether to either do CD1000 for a while or to SS. Maybe not having any food at all would be easier for me rather than being dissatisfied with what I AM having.

I still have such a long way to go I feel that I need to make things as easy for myself as I can, on the other hand I wouldn't mind getting there in the shortest amount of time possible. I'm not giving up. I just need to rethink my strategy I think.

What do you all think? Any advice appreciated.

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hi there dont feel down altough im feeling like that today and yeah probably is pmt. i would sugest cd1000 if your not satisfied with the food your having at least a bit more would be better that none atal. if you had nothing then you w9uld be craving all th food you could of had especially when its totm. im doing ww and am still finding it hard but i know that i can still have my treat to satisfy me even though it wouldnt be the pig out i really want!

You might be right. It's strange. I'd be fine with my meal if I could just have a baked potato with it. I think you are allowed that on 1000. I'll need to have a look for the yellow book and see. I manage through the day ok. I've always been bad for not eating through the day so I'm fine with my CD packs in the day.

I maybe need to see the doc about this PMT though. It never used to be this bad when I was younger...or maybe I just thought I was moody and didn't associate it with my cycle!

Hopefully I'll feel a bit better by tomorrow and I'll get back on track with the diet.


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Hi guys.

I know just how you feel. I am very down at present, and bored, with it.

I get the appetite suppression 'blanket' of ketosis but I don't get the euphoria and extra burst of energy others mention. Far from it. I get depressed, and the low mood gets lower as the days go by.

I can't be the only VLCD-er this happens to. Right now I feel like chucking it all in. I hate feeling this way. Perhaps my brain chemistry is simply not suited to ketosis? Every time I hit my stride I start to feel fed up.

I've felt so bad the last two bedtimes that I gave in and cheated. I knew I'd eff-up my ketosis and regain glycogen but at the time I didn't care. For a while I felt MUCH better. Later of course I felt bad about having eaten...

Maybe SS-ing just isn't for me. I did well on 790 but the boredom factor is always present. I would try 1000 but I've heard that you don't go into ketosis so may have to battle hunger. That would NOT be fun.

Drinking more water (!) does not help. Extra exercise doesn't help, either. Perhaps I'm just sick of dieting, in general. Burned out due to 'battle fatigue'. Fed up mixing shakes and soups, fed up freezing Tetras and eating 'ice cream' at odd hours of the day, and calling it a meal. Fed up with no fruit or vegetables and nothing resembling a satisfying hot meal, even on the coldest days. Shivering all the time, and typing with cold fingers.

Now that I've eaten my way out of ketosis I'll have to starve my way back into it. Another three/four/five days of misery.

Sorry I can't type any warm words of encouragement - I'm having one of those days. I don't want to bring anyone else down, but I can't help how I feel.
Aww Girly Girl,

Sounds like you feel worse than I do!! And you're not bringing anyone down. It helps me to know that I'm not the only one struggling. As much as I admire and encourage those who appear to sail through this, it gets a bit disheartening to keep reading how well everyone is doing when I'm struggling myself. It kind of makes me feel like I'm a failure that others can manage it but I can't. Having said that, I think anyone who can do this without a struggle is just great so I'm not getting at anyone. Other times I take so much inspiration from reading their stories.

I think maybe we just have to think are we more fed up with the diet than we are with being fat... If I ask myself that then I am more fed up with being fat. This is the 1st diet which has given me hope. I want to get to my target once and for all and although I'm fed up at the moment I will get back on CD on Monday and I am going to make a success of it.

There was one thing that I picked up on in your post though.. You said ' Fed up mixing shakes and soups, fed up freezing Tetras and eating 'ice cream' at odd hours of the day, and calling it a meal.' - don't call it a meal!! It's medicine to make you slim and I've tasted worse medicine! I know I know I should take my own advice..and I think I will. I think that I have just made a decision on that basis that I am going to try and SS. While on CD I will not have meals. I will have medicine and will have as meal I enjoy at the end of it.. Do I sound convincing? Lets see how it goes but stick with it Girly girl. We can do this....might be boring but we can do it.

Hi everyone! D not dispare! I am on week 11, and yes I have been boered to tears and yes TOTM is bloody hard, but just think what you want more, to fall off the wagon with the possibility you won't et back on, oor ride through it and come out happy? I have to agree 790 is boring, very boring, infact, I went back onto SS and what a difference!

In a week I have lost 5lbs, and I feel so much healther! Come on guys, spring is here, the sun is shining, just think of the small clothes you could wear in summer? Get a hobbie to take your mind off of it. You have done so well to come this far, we all have bad periods of time, and last time I haad totm it lasted for 5 weeks! Imagine that! Hell on earth! But I got through it and I stuck it out, yes there were tears and tantrums, but it makes you stronger.

Good luck gang and I hope you find that extra something and dig deep in your sole. I hope you find the answers in your hearts

Lots of love and hugs x
Thank you. That was so nice. It's good to hear from someone who has done 790 and then switched to SS rather than the pther way round. I think I will try that. Maybe bigger losses will spur me on. I just seem to find it so easy to cheat now. I need to break that. Right...Next week...I'm going to SS. Having come out of ketosis now though I will cut down on carbs before hand as last time I tried to SS I didn't manage which is why I ended up on 790. Thanks for the support.

No problem, TBH, I would say start ssing ASAP, to get the ketosis barrier out of the way, if you have een doing 790, and only cheated a little bit you should just find day 1 hard (yes it is hard but stick to it) and then I was fine. Keep drinking the water, and remember you can have coke zero (only 1 pint a day)

And, if you have a hubby at home, get him to cook for himself, don't let anyone torture you. I won't cook for my OH, he does his own.

If you want a sperson to scream at when you are down, just PM me, I will be there! x
I DIDN'T just cheat a little bit I'm afraid. I'm scared to go straight into SS. I had a really bad experience with it last time. I find it easy enough to get into ketosis by doing 790 straight off so might do a few days of 790 1st then SS.

Hubby is in the same position as I am I'm afraid but I think he's quite keen to SS too. Still have to cook for my daughter though. Can't let her starve.
Hello again, all.

I'm literally bloated today. I forced myself onto the scales - SEVEN POUNDS regained. Shock horror! Yes I know I can and will lose it, but it's not nice.

So now I am back 'merrily' SS-ing and guzzling fluid. My mood has not lifted, but reading the above posts has helped, as it always does.

Just gotta keep going.
Sometimes you have to give into the PMT. I get weepy so I put on a mushy film and have a good cry - or just have a good cry without the film. I also get the munchies so I make jelly and have an extra CD meal eg. a bar. One month I was having a rough time at work and had a bit of a binge ... no point in beating myself up about it - I went right back to CD the next day ! We ARE human after all !
about the pmt! when i was on cd i was extreamly bad with pmt i think its to do with the good stuff thats in the food what you crave when its the totm (chocolate, wine, fat, Etc) you must know what i mean girls? hope you do/1 i would say give cd1000 a go and see how you feel next week. and for all of you that feel down try and chill out, thats what im doing right now, babys in bed, hubbys upstairs on computer and im chilling in my kitchen making dinner (sorry) also got one other item on the list above!!! at least we can all come on here and have a m0oan to eachother :)
Hi all,

Thanks for that. I wasn't online last night to read your replies. I was doing some chilling of my own. Hubby and I were extremely naughty food and drink wise but had a nice night on our own for a change. My daughter was with her dad so we decided just to have a relaxing evening. So I do feel much better today. We've basically decided to have the whole weekend off from the diet. He's away to a conference today so it would have been difficult for him to CD today. We're both off work tomorrow and C is off school so we're having a nice day out. I think we're going swimming and then to the cinema.

Tuesday morning is our regular weigh in day so that's when we're restarting. We'll weigh in, face the music and start again with new enthusiasm. At the end of the day I'm still over 2 st down and he's 3 st down. We're not going to ruin our hard work. I really really want to get to target. It might just be a longer road that I first thought it would be. We're taking the scenic route! I haven't decided yet which plan I'll do but i suspect that I will do 790 for a few days then give SSing a go. It's my birthday in 3 weeks time and I liked the idea of being a lower weight that I've been the last few birthdays and then of course my next birthday I would like to be a lower weight that I've EVER been as an adult...Tall order but it is acheivable.

PMT seems a lot better today. You can probably tell as I am a bit more positive about things. I think all in all, I don't think PMT for me has been worse while on CD. It's pretty much been bad for me for the last 10 yrs since having my daughter, but before that I suffered depression anyway. I sometimes wonder if it was misdiagnosed and it was pmt and not depression, but I was in a bl**dy awful relationship at the time. Enough to make anyone depressed!!

Anyway, I've blethered long enough. I'm actually away to work. Got to work when the work is offered when you're self employed!

Thank you everyone. You're all great!! GG good luck with the SSing..Be strong.

Good luck T - we all need a bit of spoiling every now and then!
Have you tried St John's Wort for depression / PMT / I used it a few years ago and it really worked at evening out the highs and lows. I also worked at identifying and accepting when my hormones would 'pull me down'. Don't know if St John's Wort is ok with CD but it is herbal. Costco sell big tub of tablets quite cheaply. A lot of my friends have used it and swear by it!
Take care.......
Anne marie,

I didn't realise that that could help PMT. I will try that. Will check with my CDC 1st though. I remember trying it years ago and it didn't agree with me but I will try again. Anything is worth a try. On a bad month Hubby says I'm only normal for 1 week in my cycle... Other months I can be fine, or not too bad anyway. It's also strange how at times it creeps up on me and time and time again I'll be in tears saying I don't know why I'm feeling like this... and hubby has to point it out.


Hi there
New to the forum, have lost 4 stone on the CD but put a wee bit back on. Just on again to make sure things don't get out of control!

Just wanted to mention St Johns Wort can have a contraindication to some contraceptives. Namley the pill, mini pill and some IUD (espcially the Meriva). Just because its natural and herbal - please do not assume that it is totally safe. Do all your checking out first and check with your GP if you are on any other meds.

I know down days come but only you can do anything about your weight loss. Maybe you just choose that you will increase food slightly these weeks. Who is the race against?

Hi Ducatigirl,
Good to meet you and congratulations of your fantastic weight loss!!

Thanks for the warning on that. I will check it out. Might go and see what the doc says anyway. She might have some other suggestions.

I have to say I like your attitude to this diet. I've had a similar philosophy since starting that I'm doing this and I'm doing it my way and everyone needs to find their own coping stategies. When things don't go according to plan, I refuse to feel guilty. you're right. It's not a race. The only schedule I've really set myself is that I want to be a size 12 by my friend's wedding a year in sept. I don't think that's too unrealistic. I know it's a lot ot lose ( I'm probably about a size 20 just now) but I'm going to get there!

Thanks for your advice.

Hi There

Thank you for the lovely welcome!

Your weight loss is TOTALLY DO-ABLE!! Last year I went from a size 18 and was nearly 20 as my 18's were getting tight (which made me think... hummm time to do something) and just 3 months later - I was in size 10 jeans!

I am nobody special, i have no key to how to do this, I just kept focused - lots of people thought i was ill initially because the weight dropped off.

BEST BIT OF ADVISE I CAN GIVE? You may hate mixing shakes and nibbling bars and freezing stuff (what is that about?) But it is so much better than weighing out 100g of chicken breast with 18.6g of this and 2.98666g of that and by the time I work out the points on this product I've consumed twice my body weight in it anyway!

The CD is a flaming god send - it works, there is little washing up, you dont need to think and by god you can buy smaller pants after just one week - what more can anyone of us ask for?
Hi There

Your weight loss is TOTALLY DO-ABLE!! Last year I went from a size 18 and was nearly 20 as my 18's were getting tight (which made me think... hummm time to do something) and just 3 months later - I was in size 10 jeans!
Wow!!! 3 months! That's magnificent!! and a 10??? god I'm not even going to try and and achieve that! The last time I squeezed into 10 jeans I was 12 yrs of age! I wasn't overweight at that age. Just fully developed and curvy so I'm aiming for 12's. I'd be ecstatic with that!

You've done brilliantly and well done on getting back on the plan rather than putting all the weight back on. You must been feeling really proud of yourself.

Anyway, Been reading and replying while getting ready to go to work so I really better had go now.

Thank you for inspiring me.


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