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Day one and I have NO idea what I'm doing!!


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Hiya everyone!

I'm new to ww and trying to get to grips with it all! I have been doing the Cambridge diet for 9 weeks and lost 32 lbs. Before that I lost 18lbs just cutting down by myself. I guess I've done okay, but the problem is I still have 94lbs to lose!

Anyway, I had a few questions as I don't actually have a ww guide. All I have is a shopping guide, an eating out guide and a points calculator!

Are there free foods? Is there a certain amount of milk etc I have to have each day? If I am eating 22 points a day can I save some for another day? What is the maximum points you can add for exercise - I think it used to be 3?

Thanks in advance for your help. I can't afford to go to the classes so I bought some bits on ebay and now I'm going it alone. Scary!

Feel free to introduce yourselves. I hate being the 'newbie' so would love to make some cyber buddies!

Me x
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First off, hello and welcome!!

Are there free foods? Is there a certain amount of milk etc I have to have each day? If I am eating 22 points a day can I save some for another day? What is the maximum points you can add for exercise - I think it used to be 3?

Im also doing WW alone so dont profess to know everything, people on here are ace we'll help all we can!
You could have any amount of milk you wanted I think provided you point it and stay within your points allowance for the day. You can save a max of 4 points a day but you have to eat them within that week. As for exercise points, I dont understand them, dont count them, but Im sure some lovely person can help you out on that one xx
Congrats on your loss so far!!!!

Well, the free foods on ww are all veg EXCEPT for potatoes, sweetcorn, peas and parsnips. The white part of an egg is free, as is sugar free jelly, and some lowfat salad dressings. Also, most diet fizzy drinks, and sugar free squash.

You can save up to 4 points a day, but must use them up within the same week, you can't carry them forward into a new week.

They no longer give definite advice regarding excercise points, personally I don't use mine, but some people have to use some to see a good loss. I would advise you play about with it and you will soon see what works for you. If excercise makes you hungrier, you may have to use them.I once heard you shouldn't 'eat' more than 12 of them a week, but not sure where I heard that to be honest!

The important thing with ww is to track, you need to write down every single thing you eat. It also helps to plan ahead to make sure you don't use up all your points too early in the day!!!

Personally I don't take any milk, so can't really help there, but I make sure and have a yoghurt every day.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to eat ww branded foods. They are dearer and sometimes actually contain more points than supermarket own brand, so do shop around. And theres no need to try and survive on their ready meals, you should be able to eat similar things to what you did before if you alter the portions and perhaps method of cooking, and choosing lower fat ingredients.

Plenty of people on here don't go to a class, so you will get the support you need, though I hope that the books you have are sufficient to get you going. You may have been better joining a class to get the info, then not going back again.

Good luck xx


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Thank you so much for the replies. It's very nice to feel so welcome and so lovely of you to take the time to answer my questions.

I'm starting today and not stopping until I get there. I will do it :D
there was a voucher in the sunday paper yesterday for free membership and free meeting, so you could go the once get all the stuff and not go back again x x

at least you would have all the info you needed x x


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Thanks for the tip. Just discovered my local meeting is tonight so maybe I will actually go and see what happens!

Me x
Hi welcome and a big well done on 50lbs you lost already :D :D
I have done CD lots but lost and regained ,just remember with ww the losses will be lower thats what most VLCDieters struggle with at start.

Id go to the first meeting you may really like it ,you may have a fab leader and want to go each week,this way you will have the plan explained to you and then you may find it easier.

I do it alone at home and come here everyone is fab and we will look forward to seeing you get to goal.

Let us know if you go and how it went
Good luck hun xxx:D


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hi and welcome! just so you have a rough idea about the fruit and veg and which ones are free etc...


Avocado, medium 155g 6
Apple medium 150g 0.5
Apricots, 120g 0.5
Apricots, canned in juice 210g 1
Apricots, dried x3 50g 1.5
Banana small, 80g 1
Banana medium, 100g 1.5
Banana, large – over 130g 2
Blackberries, 100g 0.5
Blackberries, stewed in sugar, 100g 1
Blackcurrants, canned in juice 210g 1
Blackcurrants, fresh 100g 0.5
Blueberries, medium 100g 1
Cherries, medium 100g 0.5
Clementines, x2 medium 140g 0.5
Cranberries, medium 100g 0.5
Currants, heaped tbsp 25g 1
Currants, 100g 4
Damson, without stone x6 – 90g 0.5
Date, each 15g 0.5
Dragon Fruit, 80g 1
Dried Fruit, Apple rings x4 – 26g 1
Banana Chips, 25g 1.5
Mango, 25g 1
Mixed, 100g 4
Mixed, snack pack, 25g 1
Papaya, 25g 1
Peaches, 25g 1
Pears, 25g 1
Fig, 22g 0.5
Fig, fresh x2 0.5
Fruit cocktail, canned in juice – small can, 210g 1
Gooseberries, 100g 0.5
Gooseberries, stewed in sugar, 100g 1
Grapes, small bunch – 100g 1
Kiwi fruit medium 60g 0.5
Kumquats x8, 64g 0.5
Lemon 0
Lime 0
Lychees six 90g 0.5
Maderine Segments, in juice, small tin 210g 1
in Syrup, 1/2 tin, 210g 1.5
Manderine, peeled x3 180g 1
Mango, med slice 45g 0.5
Mango 300g 1.5
Mango, dried 25g 1pts
Melon, Cantaloupe, med slice 150g 0.5
Melon, Galia – half 250g 1
Melon, Honeydew, med slice 200g 1pts
Nectarine, medium 140g 0.5
Olives 10, dry or in brine 30g 0.5
Orange, medium 160g 0.5
Papaya, whole fruit, medium 340g 1.5
Passion fruit, x6 – 90g 0.5
Peach, medium 110g 0.5
Peaches, canned in juice – small can 210g 1
Peaches, dried 25g 1
Pear, medium 160g 1
Pear, canned in juice – small can 210g 1
Pear dried 25g 1pt
Phyllasis fruit x9 0.5
Pineapple, canned in juice – 2 rings 0.5
Pineapple, fresh 2 slices 80g 0.5
Plums, 3 90g 0.5
Plums, stewed in sugar – 100g 1
Pomegranate, 154g 0.5
Pumpkin 0
Raisins, heaped tablespoon 30g 1
Raisins, 100g 4
Raspberries, 100g 0.5pts
Raspberries, canned in juice – 210g 1
Redcurrants, medium 100g 0.5
Rhubarb 0
Sharon Fruit, 1 med. 115g 1
Satsuma’s x2 140g 0.5
Star Fruit, 1 medium 150g 0.5
Strawberries, medium 150g 0.5
Sultanas, heaped tbsp 30g 1
Sultanas 100g 4
Tangerines x2 140g 0.5
Ugli Fruit (Tangelo) each 0.5
Watermelon, med. slice 250g 1
Artichoke Hearts 0
Asparagus Spears 0
Aubergine 0
Beetroot 0
Black eye beans, dried, heaped tbsp – 35g 0.5
Broad Beans, heaped tbsp –35g 0.5
Broccoli 0
Cabbage 0
Carrot, fresh of tinned 0
Cauliflower 0
Celeriac 0
Celery 0
Cherry Tomatoes 0
Chillies 0
Courgette 0
Cranberries, 100g 0.5
Cucumber 0
Fennel 0
French Beans 0
Garlic 0
Garlic Puree 1 tbsp 15g 1
Gherkins 0
Gourd, karela 0
Green Beans 0
Haricot Beans, dried, 1 tbsp 15g 1.5
Herds, fresh or dried 0
Jerusalem Artichoke 0
Kale 0
Kidney Beans, cooked or tinned, drained – heaped tbsp 35g 0.5
Leek 0
Lettuce 0
Mange-Tout 0
Marrow 0
Mixed Vegetables, cooked 80g 0.5
Mooli 0
Mushrooms 0
Mushrooms, creamed, small tin 213g 4
Mustard and Cress 0
Okra 0
Onion, all types 0
Palm Hearts 0
Parsnip, 125g 1
Passata (strained tomatoes) 0
Peas, tinned or frozen, per heaped tbsp, 35g 0.5
Pimientos 0
Plantain, 179g 1.5
Potato, boiled per 100g 1
Instant made up with water, 1 scoop 60g 0.5
Jacket, large 375g 5
Medium 225g 2.5
Mashed with Margerine, 1 scoop 60g 1
Roast, small 50g 1.5
Pumpkin 0
Pumpkin seeds, tablespoon, 10g 1
Radish 0
Rocket 0
Runner Beans 0
Sauerkraut 0
Shallots 0
Spinach 0
Spring Onions 0
Sundried tomato paste/puree tbsp 15g 1
Sundried Tomatoes Β½ pack, 50g 1
Swede 0
Sweet Potato 150g 2
Sweetcorn, 2 tbsp 60g 0.5
Sweetcorn, baby 0
Tomatoes, fresh or tinned 0
Tomato Puree 0
Turnip 0
Water Chestnuts 0Watercress 0

hope this helps! :) good luck xx


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definitely grab yourself a free voucher I think there is one in this months WW mag as well go along to your meeting tonight where you'll get your little folder with how to calculate points and a chat on what you need to do then if you can't afford to go to meetings tell the leader you don't wish to sign up for a pass and will consider it next week and just don't go back :)

then ask as many questions as you need to here :D there is a sticky thread with how to calculate your points allowance in this section.

Best of luck and we'll all help as much as we can :D xxx


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Thanks guys! I feel welcome already :D


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Hi, Shanny. How's things?

I gave the meeting a miss. I am going it alone, with help from you guys. Today I have eaten 10 points so far I think and am working out what to have for dinner.


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Oh, actually scratch that, I had 10 points AND six smarties! I need to work out how many points in each smartie! Oh, I should have weighed them!!!!!


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Welcome and good luck with the plan. You have done well with your weight loss so far and I am sure ww will help you to get to goal and you get to eat good food along the way.

I couldnt manage without the classes myself, they help to keep me on track. But this forum is very helpful and supportive so you will get all the help you need - just ask.

Good luck for your first week


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Thank you :)

So, end of Day 1 and I've eaten 19.5 of my 24 points. I'll be honest, it feels so weird to be eating food after a Total Food Replacement diet. I keep thinking "surely I can't eat all this".

As well as 1/2 pint of skimmed milk, I ate Oatabix, a CD soup for lunch, six smarties, a cereal bar and then a chicken breast with tomato, pepper, mushroom and onions followed by another cereal bar.

I think I need to eat more fruit and less cereal bars! Still, I hope that's okay for day one!

Here's to Day 2.

Hope you've all had good days.

Love from me xx
Morning hun i weigh everything on my ww scales just got basmati rice cooking for lunch and prwans with salad.!

Position control is so important for us that have left CD!

you think?

keep going hun.x


will be size 10
Hi. I also do w.w and was trying to do it myself ,but since going to my meeting last week i have to say it makes all the difference. The information is so helpful. I had a voucher but didn't even need to use it as they said it is currently free registration for everyone. But if you are going it alone good luck. I think one of the other ladies made a really good point, don't just rely on w.w products. I find supermarket brands lower in points and definatley more tasty. Either way good luck . You will love it on here, everyone is so so helpful.x
Hi also try and remember if you gone straight from CD to WW with no break you 'May' gain as your glycioen stores will be replaced,I have 2-3 weeks break between plans as ww first week always makes it easier to stick to seeing a bigger loss.
Well done on sticking at it remember alot of processed foods can make us retain water so drink as before xx

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