Day one here i come!!

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  1. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    The day has arrived, quite looking forward to getting started. I'm off work until next week so thought now is a good time in case I feel a bit rough the first few days!

    Plan for the day is three shakes, cup of green tea and three litres of water....fingers crossed!

    Anyone else starting today? Xx
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  3. hez

    hez Silver Member

    How you getting on with it destination 119? Keep with it. The first few days are the worse. It gets better from there, I promise ;)

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  4. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Thanks for the reply hez! :)

    Just finishing day three and glad the headaches have appeared to bugger off and leave me alone! Work tomorrow so if the weekend has seen me through the initial hell then I'm hoping I'll get through the rest of the week :)

    Quite like the shakes actually, they're nice!! Well, chocolate and strawberry are.

    How are you doing, been on Lipotrim long?
  5. hez

    hez Silver Member

    I started lipotrim on 1/7/2014. And i have gone from 21st :cry:To 16st 10lbs (today) :D. And in all that time i have been 100% (which i am more proud of lol). I have a wedding 21/9 and i do 'plan' on eating that day. But only foods that keep me in ketosis :), 6 weeks today i am off on holidays to Portugal. Now i am taking that week off, but not going mad. Then i will come back on this again for the 2nd and final leg of my journey!!! Thats the plan anyways. Hope i can pull it off lol
    i have set the goal weight of 12 st, but i want to get to 12/14. So i will see when i get there. My daughter started a month ago, she has 2 shakes and a meal (shes 16yrs old), and she has lost 2 stone!! She is over the moon. She still has another 2 stone to go. :) but rome wasn't built in a day xx
  6. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Wow, now that's some inspiration, that's an insane amount of weight must feel amazing!! Well done, 100% can be achieved then.
    I'd say those two events are time off the diet worthy! I go to Portugal two weeks today for ten nights, was there in May with a friend...going back with my parents now. I'm 32 but we all still go away together as a family once a year, my brothers are 34 and 36 so it's nice that we're all close in age and my parents are like kids so it's always good fun!!

    I can't believe your daughter has lost that in a month!!!! I'd love to drop 2 stone in a month. If you don't mind me asking how much does she weigh? What I'd give to lose it that quickly!!

    You both must have enviable metabolisms :)

    The losses do seem to be larger on Lipotrim though don't they, maybe not but it seems that way from what I've read x
  7. lisa-m

    lisa-m Member

    Wells one for getting through the hard first few days destination!

    Hez thats amazing results for you and your daughter. You must be so proud of yourself and your daughter. This is the encouragement I need to get going and stay on track!

  8. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Ellis (daughter) started at 15st 10lbs, and lost the 2 stone having 2 shakes (chemist arent insured for her to do the full programme of 3 shakes) and a meal. Either ham/chicken/turkey/tuna/egg, lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomatoes. Or her fry, which she really enjoys, bacon medallions, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes. And she drink 3 litres of water as well. Her change in attitude is her biggest thing, she is like a different child completely :) to say hubby and i are pleased with her is an understatement. #proudmom
    People do seem to have big losses, and some have said to me, you wait you will put it all back on and more. And thats true with ANY diet, if we go back to old eating habits then we will start the cycle again. I think thats when the hard work starts, maintaining our goal weight!! The diet itself is easy, no planning is needed, you know your meals, for me 3 strawberry shakes a day and thats it...
    Heres to a great day :) x

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