Day One in the "Big Shake House"


The Big Shake House
Day one of the big Cambridge Diet,
Garcia24 at 9.11am has taken her first shake she comments how odd it is to be drinking a shake and not eating breakfast.

Sorry i watched big bro last night and thought it would be a good idea to write my entires like a day in the BB house.

Ive just started the CD today its odd i guess because everywhere i turn there is food, but im fighting to stick to it.

I was thinking what are my main reasons for doing this diet.

hmmm one naturally is my health at 24 (sit a wee nipper) i weight 17 stone at the height of 5f 6in.
Now about 2 years ago i was 11 stone and as any young girl i brought lots and lots of clothes which now sit at my mum and dads house half of them have never been wore

On October 13th 2007 my brother will be getting married, and i will be a bridesmaid this is again another motivation for me to stick on this diet, im trying to steel the show from my brother haha only joking but i do want to look good in the pictures as my bro and his wife will be displaying theses pictures in the house for lif :)

So any tips and hints that would help me.

Garcia24 x
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I started last Tuesday, so having not even had my first weigh in yet, I'm a newbie too. Good luck with your diet and keep posting on here and you'll be fine.

Tiara x


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Welcome & Good Luck Garcia24 :)

My tip to you would be to keep drinking the water, it seems that the more you drink the more you lose:p

It does feel like a struggle for the first couple of days, then you will find that you don't feel hungry anymore (that time will come believe me) and the motivation that comes when you get on the scales is unbelievable.

I'm sure you will lose all that you want to lose and look fab in your brother's wedding pics.

Take care and if you need to vent...we are all here to listen;)


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Hello and welcome!
I am a newbie here and everyone is so so fab here, I love it :D

My goal is set for the 13th October too :) My 26th birthday! Good luck!

Tips???? Water, water and more water!!!!! Spread your shakes out. Water water water!!!!! Enjoy your shakes by taking small sips and savouring the flavour. Water water water!!!!!!! Drink soups with a spoon so you feel like you are having a meal. Water water water!!!!!! Do an ticker at Graphical Event Ticker for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page Its great to watch how everyones shrink :D Water water water!!!!!!!
Also just bare with day one. It will be mega mega hard but if you get through it you have cracked 90% of the battle with the CD(in my opinion anyway). I found day one very very hard but the satisfaction I felt when I got into bed that night was amazing and outweighed my bad day 10 fold!

Oh and lastly WATER!!!!! :D

Good luck and keep posting :)


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best of luck. drink plenty and watch ur clothes get baggy very quickly!



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Welcome, by October you will be looking fabulous for those all important family photos

My tips would be keep focued and take one day at a time. Drink loads of water and jump on here at any time for tips, motivation and help.

Good luck with day 1


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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Minimins and the CD!

I am on day 15, and what everyone on here is telling you is absolutley true! AS bonkers as it sounds, you don't suffer the hunger pangs at all. THE MORE YOU DRINK THE MORE YOU SHRINK! Just keep drinking it girl! I have around 4 litres a day, and I am going to try for more. Have a cuppa if you fancy one, but NO MILK and only tablet sweetners ( I was advised Splenour Tabs as less carbs)

But, do not use that in your water allowence as it does not count! Put a photo of you at your largest on the fridge door, try and avoid meals out, and cooking for others. If you live with a partner, grt them to cook their own tea - beleive me this makes a huge difference! And...... come on here and make friends, My other half called this the fat club, I call it the getting thinner club! And everyone on here aims to be slim. No one is fat on here! We are all getting slimmer! Let us know how your first WI goes, and start a diary thread. Lots of love x


Welcome! I am on day 3 so no tips from me, but is great to share the excitement of the first days... I am not hungry physically but I crave the chewing. is 1:30 pm and 2litres of water so far...Keep drinking: It's what everyone says!!!!!!


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Welcome! I am on day 3 so no tips from me, but is great to share the excitement of the first days... I am not hungry physically but I crave the chewing. is 1:30 pm and 2litres of water so far...Keep drinking: It's what everyone says!!!!!!

And it is true Paz, honestley! I stops the hunger as well, you should go into ketosis in the next 24 hours, so good on you!


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Hi Garcia24

Welcome to Minimins, great to have you onboard.

My tip - keep drinking the water:tear_drop: it really does work :)
Hi im on day one of CD too so no advice from me but just to say ur not alone and keeping think about those photos trust me it worth it. Thats what im doing