Day One of Being On Minimins


Hiya guys

Thought I would say hi to you all as I have just found this forum today.

I am today going to re-register with slimming World in the hope that I can finally achieve my goal of being able to fit in some of my old clothes again.

I am gob smacked as to how big this site is and look forward to spending lots of hours on here in the coming weeks and months.

Any good tips on the interesting sections on here?
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love it
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i read/reply to any threads that catch my eye whatever section its on, afterall we are all trying to achieve the same, just by different routes and so can all support each other and exchange ideas and info.

welcome and good luck


Thank you for your welcomes.

I have had a look around the SW forum sections but think I have plenty of reading to do - there is so much info on there but at least plenty to keep my enthusiasm going.

x x x


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Hey, thought I'd say hello in here as it seems appropriate!

Hope everyone's good :)

Now gonna have a look round the forum :p


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Welcome Paddymama and HanHan :D:D:D

Enjoy browsing around the whole site.:)

There are loads of topics as well as weightloss that keep us all distracted, laughing, playing, joking and generally supporting each other along our own journeys.

Lacey :D


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Hey! Welcome to MiniMins, and good luck with slimming world. ive recently joined and lost 5lb in one week!!
If I can do it, anyone can haha
good luck :D


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Hi and welcome to you both, I think you'll like it here :)


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welcome to the forum and all the best with sw! There is enough information around here to get ya going and I am sure everyone will enjoy answering your queries or questions, gud luck


Thank you all for your support.

With a fab place like this too support me along I will hopefully keep it going this time.