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Day one of SS...

Today is my first day on ss (see I'm learning the abbreviations!) after a poor prep week. Was in Guernsey for 4 days (yup, the land of double cream,fudge and butter so rich its bright yellow) for a work do. I managed to cut down on carbs but didnt do so well on cutting out alcohol!! I ended up being 2lbs heavier at my weigh in tonight! But CDC said its prep week and I got alot of my 'this is the last time i eat for 3 months' out of my system. So I started sole source today - have managed to do 2.5 lts of water (although I felt like gagging during the last litre) and i do have a headache, but I'm not actually hungry. Think its going to be all about cracking habits as normally on a Friday I would have a nice dinner or a takeaway and some wine...not anymore! I had a soup tonight - not too bad - plus a strawberry shake, which was surprisingly good. I think I need to make sure the water is ice cold though cos i can't stomach tepid shakes :). One thing that has thrown me - during prep week i tried a shake microwaved (tip from this site) but mentioned it to my CDC and she said no no no! Said it doesnt help teach you to not associate food with bad food ie; if you make your packs into 'muffins' or your bars into 'cookies' then how are you teaching yourself not to have those things. She also said cooking the packs takes away the nutrients and I could end up ill as I wont be taking all the nutrients in that I need. And she said once I can have bars I can only have 1 every OTHER day as they could effect my weight loss :( gutted as I was thinking they would be the thing that gets me through the craving to eat!! What do you think??
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Well done on completing your first day hun!
Icant really comment on what your CDC has said, as mine hasn't advised me against any of these things!, but am sure a CDC from here will pop on and give you some proper advice.
Good luck hun, and keep posting and reading stuff on here. its invaluable!


Call me Nicky xx
when I did CD the recommendations were; Max of one bar a day although they are higher in carbs (and do knock some people out of ketosis) so I only had 3 per week. With regard to cooking the packs they do destroy the nutrients so only one pack should be cooked per day. I am sure a CDC will be along to eleviate your concerns and set the record straight. Good luck xx
Hiya, its ok to make one pack a day into something but only one because cooking it can take away some vits and minerals. The bars mm...your only allowed one a day. some people find they can knock them out of ketosis or they have a slower loss that week. I guess its about finding what works for you. You might not even like the bars!!! Make sure you try everything once.

becky xxx oh and best of luck we are all here for support/advice/a moan whatever!!


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I am now on week 4 and had the bars last week for the first time. They didnt agree with me at all (gave me awful wind and a bloated feeling) so have gone back to shakes and soups and feel much better. Also my weight loss wasnt as good this week either but that may not be to do with the bars at all. I think just having soup and shakes is much easier cos it takes "real food" out of the occasion and you get used not to chewing! Good luck and stick with it. The quick results will be motivation enough. x
Thanks guys - I have been doing all my 'research' on this site for the last 6 weeks and because of this site and the inspirational people on here, I decided to go for it. I hope I can stick to it 100% which is why i thought being able to change from shakes to mousse, to 'cooked' to bars, would be a good way to keep me on the straight and narrow! I think I will stick to it exactly as CDC has said and then see how I get on. I surely must have been on 3000kcal a day before so dropping to 500 must = weight loss even if i cook my nutrients :D !

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