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Day one over, now day 2

I am really liking this 790 plan. I find it so much easier than SS.

I just hope the weight loss is good on it. I suppose next Monday will tell.

I can't believe that I can have so much cottage cheese & tinned Tuna as well :)

How have other 790's found their weight loss on this plan?

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Hi Haley,

For the first two weeks I have lost 8lbs. which is good for me as I am a slow loser. Five the first week and three the second.

Weigh in tomorrow:)
Oh wow Mini, those are fab losses. I lost 12lbs in my first week on SS last time. So I do lose it quickly.

Can't wait till Monday :)


Serial Foodie!
i lost 10lb in my original first week of SSing but when i restarted 2 weeks ago on 790, i lost 7 & 3/4lb in first week so theres not really much difference. plus 790 helps a lot of u cant face SSing. :)
Thanks for that Karen :)

I've just found some strawberry & Kiwi water in Sainsburys that I can have as well.


Fed up of being fat
Hi, Im on 790 too and I think its great. My losses have been good, apart from when I have cheated. Leehal another poster has had fab results doing 790, he is almost at goal and was losing approx 5lbs per week. Keep to the plan, keep drinking, keep posting especially if you have bad days and you'll have great losses Im sure.
hayway... let me know how ur getting on, im on day 6 of SS at the moment and its not to bad but i really do find that i miss sittin down for a meal at the end of the day... the rest of the day is never a problem. So I was thinking on doing SS for just 2 weeks, then maybe AAM before going 790.. ive lost 9lbs so far and i have never told anyone that im on CD... so the comments have been brill, people say "oh uve lost wight" so that sometimes makes me think that I can keep it up, but i do think its only a matter of time before i crack and visit the chip shop lol
Wow Crewboi, you've done great so far.

I know what you mean about not telling anyone. People are quiet ignorant about the diet & have their comments about it.

It's nice doing the 790 plan, as I get to sit down with my Family in the evening & eat something. When I did SS last time I really was moody & miserable. Where as I haven't been this time.
Haywat! tea time is my most miserable time of day.. when my partner makes his tea, i have to go out for a walk or i cud throttle him, we live in an apartment and the table is in front room, last few days ive made the poor sod eat his tea standing in the kitchen at the bench lol
I really am toying with the idea of 790 after my 2nd week when my CDC gets back off holiday, but we'll see.... its hard going... and when i get really really down and have to eat, ive had a cherry tomatoe lol so in 6 days ive had 3 cherry toms... and it seems to be helping me threw it lol
Yeah teatime was my hardest time when I was doing SS.

I used to hide upstairs & could still smell the food. My DH would cook stuff that I liked as well, which was most annoying. He never did it on purpose, he just didn't think. Or he'd come home with a new menu (he is a Chef) for me to look at & I'd just want to cry lol.

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