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Day one tomoro..!!

Hi , just wanted to say hope we can help each other along I'm starting my journey again tomorrow andbthis time I don't want to fail so maybe we can help each other , x x
Hi mumof5kids, gosh you'v got ur hands full.! Have u done this diet before? I'm so glad someone else is starting at the same time, we'll get each other through it..x


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good luck ;)
Just to say, good luck you two, I'm sure you'll both be fine. Anything you're not sure of, your Locum will help you and there are a few of us 'old hands' on here too, if you need us just shout!

Love Karen. xx


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Thankyou! This isn't gonna be easy, I'm ravenous!!
It is really hard the first 3 or 4 days... it gets much easier after that as far as the crazy hunger goes. I still felt hungry but not so out of control hungry. Day 3 was the hardest for me.

Having said all this, i've just fallen off the wagon after having more than 10 totally perfect days. For what it's worth though, i fell off at a time when i was actually finding the diet starting to get easier, it was life circumstances for me, had some very bad news at the weekend and emotionally had trouble handling it then the food followed.

My locum wasn't happy at all. She said i should have called her and she would have talked me through all the issues and helped me out. She sounded super disappointed and i felt really guilty. I never actually realised just how supportive and caring they really are. She told me that i'd normally have to just leave the program but that considering my situation i could think about it for one day and let her know if i want to restart. But i don't know what to do now, may take a break to compose myself and take it from there...
What a nightmare for u.. U were doing so well. I'm sure u can pick yourself up & carry on can't u?? Don't let this little blip put u off, u were doing great.!
I've been starving today, thought about constantly.. Going to bed now to try & take my mind off food..:-( x


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I was totally obsessed with food for most of the first 5 days. And i had these crazy dreams when i slept too, i kept dreaming that i had woken up and walked to the freezer and eaten a load of ice-cream.... so realistic i would wake up in the morning really cross with myself for breaking the diet and it would take about 10 minutes before i realised it was actually a dream!

I'd like to get back onto a TFR, but with all the stress now (family member diagnosed with terminal cancer, not long left to live at all) i'm not sure, my heart doesn't feel 'in it' so much so i don't know if i have the willpower, may try something which allows one meal a day for the time being to keep me at least going in the right direction until i'm in a place where i can commit properly again. I discussed with my locum and made the decision to stop it for now.

Well done for getting through the first day anyway... going to bed is a good tactic, i started going to bed at 9pm every night and felt better just for getting so much sleep.
That's awful news, i'm really sorry to hear that... I think I'd have to come off it too if I were in your shoes, food is a big comfort during emotional times.. xx


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Thanks for your kind words. Yes, food is unfortunately the first thing i turn to at times like this.. arghh.

Anyway, sorry for hijacking your topic! Wish you luck and lots of lb's lost on Howard's Way. The first week is especially nice to watch on the scales... stay strong and keep going. ;).
Hello there,
My oh My, I cannot believe so much can go on whilst I have been away!
I was really sorry to hear your news Losing it, you were doing so well. It's such a shame you didn't call your locum, because if she is anything like mine, she would talk you through everything and calm everything down. She would have talked you round not eating, but in a supportive way. I have had terrible trouble at work, I won't go into details, but needless to say, if my locum hadn't been there I would have eaten, no two ways about it. I have lost 54lb's now and feel wonderful, but not everyone likes it I can tell you. I think I must have been a doormat at work and my confidence is growing. Other than work, WOW! Howard's Way has changed my life. I enjoy going out, I enjoy getting dressed...........it's just marvelous! I have so much more energy etc.
Well I won't go on!
Lisa, keep up the good work, you really will be so pleased with everything. Do exactly as your locum says and you will be fine. It's true what they say, 'you can't do it alone, but you alone can do it'.
I look forward to seeing how you are getting on.
Love Abbie.XX
Sorry Mumof5kids,

I didn't mean to ignore you, I just really felt for losing it and didn't want Lisa losing the plot.
How are you doing?
Love Abbie.X

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