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Day one


Size 14 here i come!
Well i met my CDC and she takes no prisoners, lol
She weighed and measured me and took photos.
I picked out a selection of soups and shakes from the buffett,lol

NOT a good start- i had leek and potato soup...yuk!
I only got 2 so only need to swap one, so far.

I'm a little worried about the shakes now but fingers crossed i will like them:confused:
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was wondering how you would get on!!!! it's always trial and error with new diets so far i've only found one product i really don't like.


Size 14 here i come!
I think the creamy soups are going to be a no no. i have the spicy tomato, oriental chilli, mushroom, and veg soup are they all creamy?
i'm on CS not CD so i couldn't tell you to be honest. how much is the CD a week i may try it?
Good luck. Meal replacements are always hit and miss.

My preferred ones are...

strawberry, choc and choc mint shakes.

not as keen on soups but the chicken and mushroom and oriental ones are ok (I also didn't mind leek and potato;))

bars...cranberry, peanut, choc and choc-orange are ok:angeldevil:

In my opinion the worst are...
toffee and walnut, butterscotch shakes:yuk:

Hope this helps xxx
Hi everyone,

I started yesterday, I'm a newbie to CD.
The first thing I had was the apple and cinnamon flavoured porridge, I don't think I'll be having that again, soup (chicken and mushroom) was lovely and butterscotch shake was nice. Today the normal porrigde, much prefered that one and lunch strawberry shake, which was lovely.
My CDC gave me a sachet of everything she had to try and see which I like. So far so good, its early days yet!!
As long as the motivation is there I hope to do well!!


Size 14 here i come!
Hi sam it's different prices for every cdc but i pay £38 a week. Inc in that though she does exercise with me to tone me up, she has a vibroplate machine and a few others i saw. I'll let you know how i get on with the shakes,lol

Thanks hevz, i have a feeling the shakes are going to be best for me over the soups.

Good luck mswobbly, i'm glad you are getting on well so far.
I like mushroom, chicken and mushroom soups, but I hate oriental & tomato


Still fighting
Hi I'm just coming into my 3rd week and tried nearly all of it now - don't like any soups or choc bars yuckk or porridge, or tetra's lol

Love the shakes though ;)

Its trial and error I had to whizz back to my CDC last week to swap soups or I wouldn't of had enough shakes to last
ive never tried the mushroom soup, the chilli one is ok but tomato is vile.
other than the bars of which i like all but peanut i only have the choc mint shakes

i started off with porridges every day and enjoyed them at first but went off them, i used to add a bit of mixed spice to them as well


Size 14 here i come!
Think i will have a mint choc shake next. pleeaase let me like it!!:innocent0001:
Mint choc is mmmmmmm lovely. Mushroom soup is my favourite. They are all a creamy texture but I wouldn't really say they were that creamy tasting. I add pepper to them to make them a bit more interesting. The cranberry bar is lovely as is the choc orange and the toffee one. I love the choc tetras frozen like icecream but DON'T do it to a strawberry one! I threw it away after 1 bite.


Size 14 here i come!
Qwetypi- thanks for the advice.

Well i had a mint choc and yes i can drink that no worries. I think i will add alot more water to soup tomorrow, i did add 10 instead of 8 but guess 12 would be better.
I am so relieved i like at least one thing,lol really want to do cd as my cdc will def motivate me to be good, lol


Size 14 here i come!
Just had fruits of forest for breakfast and we have another hit! So far shakes 2 soups 0. Just realised about the fat free dressings, mmm, can't wait for dinner tonight.


Excited about the new me!
I found when I started CD last year (now on re-start), that I didn't like any of the soups, but gradually introduced them and was then ok with chilli, veg, didn't like the others and still don't. Tried the chick and mushroom one yest, and yukkkk.

I like the shakes and you can mix them, to make different flavours. Try the capaccino with chocolate, thats like a mocha and have you tried them hot? Choc mint is my fav one, thats nice hot too :).



Size 14 here i come!
I was told that we can have fat free salad dressing on cd, have i got it wrong?