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Day one

So far so good!
Had my first shake before work and a glass of water. Was surprised how full I felt! There was so much free chocolate and cakes in the staff room lol..typical! But i resisted temptation lol. :) Second shake was at lunch time with a bottle of water. And going to have my next one later. I've found drinking helps a lot..it makes me feel so full and takes the hunger away for a while...but been on the loo all day lol.
I'm just gunna be glad when the first week is over with.

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Likes to eat
Kaaay, delighted to hear day one went well.

Your excellent for doing this while working - Im on maternity leave so its easier for me, I would imagine.

Have you tried the other flavours yet? am just on my last shake - have now tried them all and thankfully love 'em!!


Likes to eat
Well missy, how did the full day 1 fair out for you? you feeling ok?
The first day went well thanks.
Today's a different story! I woke up feeling horrible..headache,no energy and feeling sick. :( I've had my 2 shakes now and feel a bit better. Going 2 have my last one later. I just haven't got any energy. I feel so blaaah lol. And I'm craving cheese so much lol..and bread..and kitkat chunkys lol.
Don't forget to keep your water intake up hun - it will really help with the energy, headaches and fullness. It sounds daft but it really works x


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Was just about to say exactly what ohtobeslinky has just said - How much water are you drinking? (not that Im any expert, just from obsessive reading on here lol) you poor thing. Also were you a big diet coke drinker or anything? cos the sudden drop in caffine levels may cause the headaches if you were? (have loads of black coffee) ... oh really hope your ok - eyes on the prize!!


Likes to eat
How are things going now kaaay?