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Day One !!

Im on my first day of Lipo today and have really found this forum helpfull for motivation already. I had strawberry shake for breakfast and the soup for lunch, both I found awfull to be honest but managed to get through them, am hoping I like the vanilla and choc shakes better. Determined to stick with it though, I may need some help along the way ;-))
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Hello and welcome
I sympathise with the soup - I hated it. Had only one sachet of it and demanded my pharmacist swap it for the flapjacks - also not great but really help with the need to chew.
Adding a spoon of coffee to the chocolate or the vanilla gives them some extra flavour if you feel you need it.
Good luck with everything xx


Here we go again!
Hello Cezza and welcome to the best forum around. The shakes' aren't really meant to taste fantastic but they really do get better as time goes on. I look forward to mine now, strange but most of us do.

Just stick with it 100% and the weight will drop off, good luck.


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hey hun welcome to the site, glad you getting some inspiration, this place is great for the support you get. :)

ive not tried the soup yet but i like the strawberry and choc shakes but not the vanilla. i use a straw to drink mine, makes them go down easier. ;)

just keep drinking the water, maybe set yourself some mini goals to aim for and have some distractions ready. :)

good luck!!

Thanks both. Hopefully they will get better, I may be best to think of them as medicine and just get them down me! Thanks for the advice its been a great help already


Here we go again!
Some people do think of the shakes as "fat medicine" if they don't get on with them. Seems to work a treat too.


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Have you tried adding more water than they say to put in....I mix mine with just under a pint of water which does actually make them more enjoyable......also I have to have my water chilled so keep a 2 litre bottle of water in the fridge...as for the soup I have mine in a mug as a cup-a-soup...but drink it before it cools too much or bleh !!!! LOL


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Hey Cezza yeah I have to say Im one of those people who regards the shakes as "fat busters" and it works well. I cant handle the soup at all at all- I normally take chocolate one but the pharmacy ran out :O and I had to take the strawberry which actually tasted like the slimfast shakes!! Best of luck with them hun and this forum is a saviour! ;)
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Hi Cezza, well done for making it through your first day. As several people have said, the shakes do seem to taste better the further in you are.
I had chicken soup tonight, stupid blender decided not to open once I'd whizzed it all up. You've never seem anyone so eager to get a small mug of not very tasty soup!! Only on day 4, so what I will be like on week 4, I really don't know!
Good luck with the rest of your first week.
Thanks for all the advice. I had a chocolate shake earlier and that was the best so far. I did think of adding more water but thought that would just be more to drink!! May be worth a try though if it helps the taste. Day one over with anyway so that's a start ;-))
S: 18st4lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 3st4lb(17.97%)
I do find having the water really cold to mix the shakes makes them much nicer. Lots of people on here add crushed ice to theirs or use a straw to drink it, which helps, too.
Loads of tips on the forum for making the shakes more exciting, like adding coffee to the choc and vanilla shakes, or making the choc one up with cold peppermint tea.
Must say the choc is my least favourite, always seems to go lumpy no matter how long I whizz it for.