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Day one!

Morning all! I'm sitting with my first pack ( a vanilla shake with coffee added) and enjoying it. I'm nervous of what may happen e.g hunger pangs but I need to do this! Last night we went out for a meal and I didn't eat much and felt self conscious the whole time because of my size and I can't let this weight ruin me anymore! Ironically I weigh less than I used too but I feel more emotional I guess because of how much of a struggle it has been!

So here is to the start of new weight loss! Although I started today I am going to WI on Wednesday because I find mid week better to keep me on track! x
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Im restarting today after a holiday, so let's do those tough 4 days together, once they're done it is sooo much easier. Good luck. Xx
Thanks!! I'm ok feeling a little hungry but having some water. I'm planning on having half a bar and half a soup for lunch and dinner. I'm feeling good! How are you doing?


I will do this...
Hey both of you. Goodluck for your start/restart today.

Jayde - I weigh in on Wednesday too, it will be my first weigh in as well. I think we are similar weights too - if you want a buddy for some more support let me know x
Jenjen that would be great! Feel free to pm me any time I plan to be on often although office hours won't be able to very often! I'm feeling very motivated! But I know it will be a long haul so the more support the better!


I will do this...
Same here for office hours - I find thats the easiest time for me though because I generally only ever fall down in the evenings and at the weekends.

Just holler out at me anytime :D

I'm going to go and do a super clean of my house to try and burn some extra calories.lol

Good morning day 2!!!

Had really bad cramp last night but seems to have gone this morning and feel pretty good! Having half a banana shake and I really like it! Will try the other half hot at work for a snack! Good luck today people!!!
Good luck! I am on day 1! Super nervous!
Just popping in! On my luch at work and enjoying the veg soup - feeling good! But going to the loo loads!! x


Doing it exante style :)
I'm on day 2 too :)
I'm feelin fine today, I think somethings switched on in my brain and I'm gonna do it this time :)
I WILL be thinner for my holiday :) x
Just finishing my soup pack, I split it which worked well today and will have the rest of my bar later. Had a really bad head ache this afternoon but feeling a bit better I can't believe I am actually doing this!
Day one 100% done today, now I'm back at work my heads getting back into the diet. I'm preparing to get through day 3, and move on from there. I'm beginning to look forward to my weigh in on Saturday again, and enjoying the freedom of just a pack! Hope you are all doing ok
Day 2 is hard!

I have a terrible headache but I'm drinking loads??? Had all my packs and not that hungry but feel tired and crap! I hope this does not last long :(
I am on day 3 and I have to say that yesterday evening was REALLY bad. Tonight is not as bad though but not sure why! I felt so crap yesterday that I just went to bed feeling v sorry for myself but when I got up this morning I had a sneaky weigh in and the results def encouraged me to keep going today! Maybe everyone on here is right and it does get easier?!!!!
I hope so sammeh!! It worries me feeling like this! Can see myself going to bed early tonight!
An early night could be a good plan, I've definitely been in bed a lot earlier this past week.
I've had a bath and shower and done some emails I needed to do and I am trying not to eat!!!!!!!!!!! Bad headache still :( gonna give in and go to bed in a min, the things we do for skinnyville!

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