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day one

well guys, reading your threads has helped inspire me, cant believe how de motivated i feel today, though it hasnt helped watchin come dine with me on the telly! or seeing all the food adverts, but i am an all or nothing kinda girl, so im gunna go for it and persist. All the water has made me feel all washed up, and i am peein for England. Im so tired, but it doesnt help i work 7 days a week, just hope i can sustain that on this diet? Its not like when i need a rest i can just go for one. Im fairly sure ill get over it after a few days, just hope i can pull through it! ive lost 5 stone on my own, but have hit a wall, so need to do something like this to help shift the last 3 stone, who knows, maybe more!

ive been given some concentrated mint drops to drop on my tongue for bad breath, been told theyre approved but want to make sure? dont wanna run the risk of doin all this to find out ive been messin it up using these! lol

any advice, comments, experiences would be greatly. ive been a slave to the scales for a while now, so its gunna be har not weighin in every day, but wont weigh til friday when i get my next supply
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Hello and welcome :)

I am on day 8 of this diet, and have found it to be really easy, never once felt hungry.
For me I looked up all the info on this diet for about 2 weeks before I started, so I got mentally prepared and me believe this is why I am finding it so easy to do.
I still cook meals for my hubby & daughter, and even though it’s very tempting to lick the spoon :) I don’t.
I am NOT hungry at all, its just habit by picking at food. I didn’t think it was true when they say you don’t feel hungry, but I say that is 100% true, I have not felt hungry at all.
Just try to drink loads of water each day, I am drinking just under 3ltrs, and apart from helping with the weight loss, my skin is looking FAB :)

Stick with it and you will be amazed by the results xx


Determined to succeed ...
Yes, welcome and good luck.

I'm a newbie too, this is my day 5 and as Zelda said I am finding it easy. If I really thought about it I could have had a bit of a headace yesterday but today I'm fine.

Congratulations on your losses prior to joining us...

Good luck
thanks for the replies guys, today hasnt been quite as bad but i am hungry, and strugglin to get 3 litres of water down. The pharmacist said its crucial to have 3 litres exactly, no more, no less, otherwise it will effect your loss. is that true? will me drinkin only 2 litres make much of a difference today? im exhausted and wet from workin outside all day and just want somethin hot. unfortunately i didnt get any chicken soups cos she said they werent veggie, which they are it turns out, so thinkin about makin a hot chocolate with one of the sachets to warm me up. gunna stick with it but i feel so weak, no energy, want to sleep lol doesnt help workin 6 hours a day 7 days a week i suppose