Day one


Well it is day one for me today. I was going to do Cambridge but it is another week before I meet a consultant and as you can get LT in the shops I thought I would start here and see how I get on for the week. Might change to CD as there is the support of a counceller.

I have drank one liter of water before I got to work, gonna have a shake at 10.00am
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Good luck with day one :)
Will be thinking about you...

Keep drinking the water, how much do you need to drink on lipotrim?

Kitty x


Hiya Linda

Welcome on board girl!! I did lipotrim before cd too and its the same water intake, so at least 4 litres! if you decide to change to cd you will feel like a princess cos the variety is soooo much better than lipotrim, although in saying that lipotrim served me very well too!!!

keep in touch and remember the first couple of days are the worst after that its plain sailing!!!

Gen xx


Hiya Linda

.... remember the first couple of days are the worst after that its plain sailing!!!

Gen xx

Tell me about it I am starving and its only noon. I am having chicken soup for lunch so hopefully that will keep the hunger pangs at bay till I get home. do you have three or four packs a day. I think I might need four


Tell me about it I am starving and its only noon. I am having chicken soup for lunch so hopefully that will keep the hunger pangs at bay till I get home. do you have three or four packs a day. I think I might need four

i'm only 4ft 11 so i only get 3 but if you are 5ft 8 or over you are allowed 4... believe me you will get used to having the 3, you should split one of them and make 2 meals out of it if you can!!

keep ur chin up girl and just keep thinking of all them fab clothes you will be wearing...


Gen xx


Are you still hungery I dont think I could last too long feeling soooo hungery


I havent felt hungry all the time :eek: now and again slightly unbearable but bearable 99% of the time I was hungerier yesterday read my post from yesterday evening?......But I did cut out rubbish before I started as I did CD last year and I was ill when I started as I ate for england and ummmmm ireland scotland and wales before I started lol ;)

You are withdrawing from Carbs the sugar thats in them it does get better and Sunday will be here before you know it and your likely to feel much better!!!!
If you stop now you will be gutted.Drink lots of water it does help alot and split your packs so you can have something more often !OK????


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Hi Linda,well done for deciding to do a vlcd.
The first 3/4 days are the hardest after that it def gets easier as the hunger pangs and headaches ease up as u go into ketosis.
You might get some headaches so alot of people take a couple of tablets when they get up just to prevent any carb withdrawal headaches.
There are so many people on here who have lost amazing amounts of weight in such a short amount of time and kept it off.
Hope you have a good day,and remember there is always some one around here to chat 2.
Take care xx


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Hi Linda,

I am on day three of my lighterlife journey and I won't lie to you: it IS hard and day three, for me, is harder than day one!

Day one I was all eager and anticipating a great loss at my stop-in on Saturday; day two I was moody and wanted to eat something... anything. Imagine my upset then when my hubby decided to cook cheesey mash pie for his tea - my favourite meal ever!!! I felt like crying and last night I could have eaten wallpaper I was so hungry. BUT, I staved off the hunger and was so proud, even though when I got in bed at 10pm I was starving hungry.

I woke up this morning, still hungry, but that has gone down during the day; my main problem now is making myself eat as I think ketosis is starting and, although I tend to leave my packs til early to late evening because I am a late night picker, I am still a bit anxious about not wanting a pack. I must say that it is rather like medicine at the moment and the more I have, the worse they seem to taste!

BUT, that's me on day three. From day 4, as people have said, it does get easier, and after the first week or so it becomes more habit as you get to know what flavours you like and stuff. I have bulimia and I am struggling at the moment, but at 23 stone 12 pounds (started at 24 stone 5 pounds but some dropped off before my first meeting, oddly) I know this is my final chance. If I keep putting weight on or even if I stay at 23 stone 12 pounds, I won't be here by the time I am 40 and face the likelihood of heart attack and stroke in my thirties. As I am early 20s and haven't even started my career yet (only just left uni), I feel these morbid thoughts are wrong, so I am doing something about my weight.

I've done endless diets but nothing works like this does, with the counselling and the abstaining from food. Food is my best friend and my worst enemy and I have to get to a stage where it has less importance in my life. I suspect it is similar for you.

I guess what I am saying is that this is just the start of your journey and all change takes time to get used to. Your body is not a machine and can't just get used to a dramatic drop in calories at the flick of a switch. You have to give this time, but as my inspiration icemoose always says, diets don't get much better than this! I am lucky in that I had no hangups on alcohol or caffeine and I have had no headaches (didn't when I did CD last year either). So my main issue is the hunger/making myself eat. I hope you can get through these few days.

I'm not a prolific poster as I simply don't have time in between looking after three horses twice a day, looking after a house and husband and travelling around to see different people, but I will be watching your progress. We can do this!

Good luck.:D


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Hi Linda,

How are you?

Love Mini xxx