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Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by letthesunshine, 12 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Well here I am back to Cambridge! I did it last year and got to my lowest weight of 13.13 but stopped for my 30th and a holiday of a lifetime in November and never got back on and now I'm 2 stone heavier :(
    I have tried slimming world the last month and it was too slow I lost 8lbs
    Summer is creeping up and i want to feel good come May and June so decided to do sole source again!!

    Saw consultant this morning I weigh in at 15.12 :( but day one is complete and I'm feeling very positive!!
    Just need to down more water as only 2 litres done today

    Just been looking at river island online and it's spurring me on for nice summer clothes :)
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  3. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    Hi, I have just started again today. I am on day 3. I would love to feel comfortable in the summer too. I hated last summer and just felt horrible and always kept jumpers on as did not want my arms on show when we were out anywhere so was always boiling. Could not stand another summer like that! Is Tuesday your weigh in day then?
  4. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    I started on Tuesday, don't know why I put today haha. Day 3 :)
  5. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Hi, no I started yesterday so Wednesday is my weigh day! I am on day 2 I've done the diet before and have weirdly found it fine so far this time altho I no I'm only on day 2 lol - I'm starting to feel hungry now so drinking my water I want to have my first shake about 10/11

    Are you doing sole source?
    I'm craving a caramel latte from costa today that's my only problem this morning lol xx
  6. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    I am doing SS+. So I have about an extra 200 calories than you. 600ish total. I have done this diet before to and I lost 3 and a half stone last time. I am definately finiding it easier than before. Still got a long way to go though!

    You have made me crave costa hot chocolate now :).

    I started on Tuesday but I had my weigh in Monday evening. I find I need to drink water alot which helps.
  7. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Oops sorry ?

    My consultant has told me to do some SS plus days if I need to so I won't feel guilty for eating some protein! I will keep them to days I really struggle.

    I really hope I last this time as I want to feel happy and comfortable this summer!

    Are u doing anything tomorro for valentines day?? We have a rare night out planned as actually have a babysitter so thinking cinema! And a drink so I don't eat but my OH has said nandos so I could actually have a chicken breast and salad leaves and I'll be happy with that x
  8. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    I did SS+ last time I did the diet and the losses were just as good as SS for me.

    Me and my hubbie have tomorrow off work so spending the day together but nothing food related. I am then babysitting for my sister in the evening so should be ok. Chicken breast and salad leaves will be fine to have out. When I was on the diet before I went out a few times. I am a vegetarian so its harder as can not have chicken breast when out but would just have salad leaves and cucumber haha, very exciting I know.

    I hope you have a nice evening out tomorrow :)
  9. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member


    Nearly day 2 done I'm gonna have my second shake in at 5.30 then my 3rd tonight while watching tv :)
    Feeling hungry but haven't struggled too much yet.

    Will update later xx
  10. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Day two finished :) yay!! Again found it ok I did get hungry and wanted dinner but not enough to want to cave in! I can't wait for weigh in still taking it day by day so hopefully have good day tomorro

    3 shakes down and 2 litres water x
  11. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    Well done! So pleased to be nearly half way through my first week. I'm finding each day that passes it gets easier. Hope you have a good day today
  12. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    At the end of day 4 :)
    Struggled today found myself really hungry and wanting food and felt very empty! But I'm so pleased I resisted all food and ready for bed soon :)

    I really need to up my water only managed 1.5 litres today!

    Going to go shopping tomorro hopefully inspire me even more to stay on plan lookin at all the summer clothes!

  13. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Another good day :) and so happy I got through the weekend with no cheating!!

    I've had 2 chocolate shakes so far and been for a lovely long walk this afternoon in the sun :)

    I'm going to buy some mix a mouse Wednesday!
    And trying the rice pudding tonight my consultant gave me one to try
    Hope I like it ;-/ xx
  14. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    I hated the rice pudding!! Bleugh :-/

    Another good day altho really struggled today!!
    Went to a farm with a friend and our kids and they all had a picnic it was so hard not to cave and eat some of the nice food!!

    I stuck to my shakes and feel good for it :)
    Only one more day to get through and then weigh In!! Can't wait!

    Feeling tired tonight and can't wait for bed.
  15. Big Mick

    Big Mick Full Member

    Keep going sunshine, the first week is the hardest.
  16. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    I really struggled today!! God it was hard :( wasn't too hungry just really wanted food!!

    Somehow I got through it stuck to my 3 shakes :) need to drink more water!

    Got weigh in tomorro I really hope I do well :-/

    Felt so bloated this morning aswell but feeling better tonight x
  17. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    Hi, Well done for not caving in. Let us know how you get on with your weigh in today. Good Luck :)
  18. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Weigh day and lost 8lbs and 12 inches all over :D really pleased! I am now 15.4 want to be in the 14's next week :)

    Here's to week 2!
  19. lizzie9442

    lizzie9442 Full Member

    Well done! :)
  20. VDub

    VDub Full Member

    Hi All

    I am new here, thought I would join up to give me some motivation, its nice to see others in the same boat.

    Starting on the Sole Source next week, cutting down on carbs in preparation.

    Have alot of weight to lose, ideally 8-10 stone!

    Looking forward to seeing the weight come off!

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