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Day out soon...any advice on how to mix my shakes?

Hi guys
Ive got a nu problem lol. Goin for a day out soon with my bf and his family. They dont know im on LT and i wud like it to stay that way as im embarrassed and they wudnt understand:eek:....anyway....anyone got any advice on how i can mix the shakes durin the day? Wil b out best part of 9-10 hrs and cudnt survive on jus water alone. :D
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Did you get a shaker thing at your first visit to the chemist??

I would be more concerned about the toilet trips than anything else!!

Its a nightmare for me personally - who has a fear of public toilets!!!
no i didnt. wot r they? my chemist isnt really all that helpful!! thats worryin me too..all the toilet trips, theyll think im ill lol.i jus cant go all day without my shakes.
You an get them on ebay, otherwise do what I did - buy a tupperware type cup with a screw-top lid, then you can just pop the powder in, add the water, put the top on and mix it. Works a treat!


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I havent got a shaker, its such a pain having to go out and do something out the norm. I have tried to hand blend my milkshake, and it took me about 30 minutes! and it wasnt as nice as when you use an electric blender.

Now i am not sure if this is aloud, but my chemist let me do this (they really dont have a clue) well i bought some maintainence bars for when i am out and about, it was about £11 for 8 of them. They are really handy and dont taste as foul as the flapjacks. They arent great but they are coated in a kind of yougart topping that is quite nice.

Actually i would be quite keep to know if i am aloud to eat these, as my chemist just sold them to me with no questions asked. I had one today and i am still in ketosis.

I bought a container from the supermarket which has a lid. The first time I used it I don't think I was very good at shaking it cos it was a bit lumpy. Next time I was in a cafe with my friends and I asked for some ice cubes - the hard ice cubes seemed to bash the lumps out better!!

I also had some of the maintenance bars for another day - not sure if they are allowed but I thoought it would be better than eating something else, and the normal bars are soooo disgusting I can't eat them.

I hadn't told my friends either - so I said I had been sick and couldn't face food and so was having a "build me up" type drink (can't remember the proper name!) That also seemed to explain the amount of water and trips to the toilet!! Felt bad about not being honest - but only a little bit! :)

Hope this helps you :) :)


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Those little hand shakers are handy, that's wat I use the whole time and u can drink the shake straight out of them. Any of the pharmacies that I've been to have them out on display. They're bout 10euro.

And yes!! Chemists have not got a clue!! I've learnt so much more here.

Just tell them you're upping your water intake as part of 'living healthy' for the New Year.

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