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day so far

well sat is nearly over, and i havent cheated thank god! weekend is the hardest for me :cry: But iv been busy so havent had chance to eat..

Well the challange well be tomorrow, were going food shopping, which i normally love but my god i resent it sooo badly atm! and i get so stressed with people lol

My OH is pissing me off, he keeps saying stuff like " eat that and ul get fat" and i said ohh when DD starts preschool im going to take her shop after and treat her like i used to be. then i giggled and said thats probs why im so fat lol and he turned round and said thats what i was going to say!!:mad: rant over...x
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xPink Princess!x
awwww *hugs* family eh they'l never change lol just be strong when shopping and think about all them savings when your not buying any extra junk food etc xx


My husband = My hero
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Ah hunni i'm the same!!

My oh took me to asda as he can't shop on his own and then proceeded to fillyhe trolley with all my
favourite things.

Then iv been the one to make and feed the baby her dinners all week!

So bloody self centered they are!

Ignore him and prove him wrong xxx
hes an arse tbh lol, he points yummy stuff out and then says " well why cant i have treats, just because you cant " hmmm idiot!
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Hi Kimmie,why not treat yourself to some make-up,a dvd or cd when you're shopping,I could spend a small fortune in Asda.x
i have decided im taking up baking lol so im going to buy myself everything i need/want lol
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aw hun I know exactly wat you are saying **hugs** .. OH was exactly the same when I started the diet, he would ask if I wanted dinner and then would say eat it, followed by 'I knew you cant lose this weight'! When v spoke abt it later one night he thot it would motivate me to make me stronger but silly him he only made me miserable pointing out that am weak! I just asked him to shut up and not mention one more thing about my diet until I spoke to him abt it :mad: We just ignored my diet all throughout except for weigh in day when I would tell him how much I lost and weigh in night when he holds me in bed and has to tell me the difference he can feel in my body :D it used to motivate me and he started believing I was in CD this time for real ;) Men are dumb just repeat dat mantra and wait till he starts getting dat panic look on his face when other guys start giving u admiring looks lol!



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Just wanted to add my support from one dieter to another, they can be so insensitive to our needs and his behaviour is spiteful. Go and buy some nice pamper stuff and hog the bathroom all night making yourself feel beautiful....xxx
had a brill day so far lol, iv baked biscuits and an apple crumble <3

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