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Day three-advice and help needed

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Find him some jobs to do!That will either keep him out of the way...or make him less cheerful!
Keep positive,drink loads of water and keep busy!A couple more days and it will all get a lot easier(Promise!)and then you just need to stay motivated and watch those pounds drop off!
I still get quite tired towards the end of the day and sleep really well.I was feeling a little rough yesterday and everyone noticed cause on cd I have been so well and my skin has been fantastic!


This Time It's Personal!
S: 17st10lb C: 14st6lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 3st4lb(18.55%)
If you can bear to drink more, I would do so. I regularly drink upwards of five litres, and having done Atkins and LL in the past, I can say with confidence that water really is the miracle cure.

Water gets you over the hurdle of entering ketosis (aka "Atkins 'flu"); it flushes the body of toxins; it increases your metabolism (especially ice cold water); and it suppresses hunger pangs.

Don't worry - the fatigue and discomfort will subside and then you'll be on top of the world. :)
yes drinking more does really help, I found it great, usually drinking 5 litres per day.

Definitely get your OH doing some jobs around the house, keep him out of your way :) My OH is the same wakes up in the morning with such energy and positivity you just want to punch him LOL


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i am on day 4 and i'm feeling the same way as you hon. don't give up. drink more water and get rid of the OH somewhere, ha. mine has tidied half the house today. i have to work tomorrow. not sure how i'm going to manage that. hopefully it will be quiet and i won't have to expend any energy... hee.

good luck :D

abz xx
Some great tips there ,going to try some more water then.I have been on the sofa all day,and have just slept for about 2 hours,I am just going with the flow.Tommorow I am going to visit my son,which is an hour drive,going to get other half to drive because there is no way I am feeling like doing this.Hope I can at least appear semi normal though son is going to get a shock as we usually take them out for lunch and take lots of food goodies(as mums do) but I am having to keep my transactions with food to a minimum and roasting a chicken and making soup etc is out of Bounds.
Hope you feel better tommorow abz,you and me are twinnies in suffering (it's gonna be so great when we are slim)..


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oh it SO is. i have also just fallen asleep for about two hours or so, maybe an hour and a half and i have woken up feeling so lethargic it's untrue!! am just having my dinner shake now. strawbelberry :D

abz xx
Yay, I love strawberry shakes :)

I'm being quite excitable today cause I've gone into ketosis (day 3 today!)

And for the past 2 days I've had to have a nap in the evening but today I don't feel tired at all :)

Don't forget water fills you up temporarily, so if you're feeling peckish a bit early then have a drink :) and if you're still hungry then drink more :p


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i've been glugging like a loon :) hunger hasn't been my problem. i've been craving things. not because i'm hungry, because i'm having to battle against the feeling of wanting to eat. i have been mainly craving salads and roast chicken. which is an improvement. and potato, ha. feeling better now. had a massive rush of energy earlier and was dancing around the house and now i've just gone bleurgh.

abz xx
Haha. Yeah I was craving chicken earlier, it's a definite improvement!

My CDC gave me a list of foods which, if I eat them, won't sabotage it too much (e.g. chicken, fish, salad) :)

Normally when I'm 'on a diet' I cheat by scoffing a big bar of dairy milk :eek: but yesterday I cheated by having a few salad leaves :) so yay.

Going to have a butterscotch shake now :)


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i am just abstaining from everything all together. it is far safer for me, ha. i am going to a hen night i'm organising in a couple of weeks so am going to have to ask cdc how i go about cheating for a day, and then for the wedding a week later. i'm sure there are ways i could stick to the plan on that evening but i just don't want to be!!

abz xx
I am feeling a lot better now,i am in ketosis,and my limbs aren't feeling quite so heavy.When i walked up the stairs early today i was going up on each stair,resting my knuckles,like a gorrilla!!
Just wish I could get away from food, had to cook duck a l'orange, roast spuds, veg and lemon meringue pie for my guests tonight. I think I hit ketosis today cos dont feel hungry but the craving for the tastes I could see and smell was absolutely terrible!! I have a full summer of this ahhhhhhh!!!
The first couple of weeks on CD were really tough for me...I felt ill, exhausted and faint, not good when you've got kids to look after, and work to go to! But i saw it through, and I have to say that CD is the best thing i've ever done. All i can say is stick with it, wait til your first weigh in and you'll be spurred on! After the first few weeks it becomes easier and before you know it, the weight will be falling off and you will feel great. I'm 12 weeks in now, and I feel so full of life, energy and positivity - I can honestly say i've never felt better. Sure, some days i feel hungry and crave food as we all do, but i just can't give in now as i've stuck to it this far, i just have to see it through til i get to goal. Two things in particular have helped me greatly - this forum has been a life-saver, reading the posts have really inspired me, and also, i have a little skimmed milk in my coffee as i just couldn't drink it black, i have just a drop but it makes all the difference and takes the edge off if i'm feeling peckish. Good luck with your CD journey, these first few days, horrible as they are now, will soon be a distant memory.

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