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Day three attack


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Just wanted to report that I'm on day three and feeling bit disappointed. I lost a pound after day one, then put it back on again after day 2!

I have swapped over from atkins as had stalled, so guess I didn't have the water weight, but was hoping I might get a bit of a kick start.

I definitely haven't cheated as such although have had x2 weight watchers yoghurts each day. Otherwise just hard boiled eggs, plain chicken, low fat cottage cheese and a little skimmed milk in tea as well as 1 galette each day. Had the water and done the walking too. Any suggestions would be welcome?!?! :sigh:
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I wouldn't expect any greater loss than a normal dieting week, coming straight from another low carb diet.

I did Atkins for a month in January and lost nothing and then came back and did a week of attack and still lost nothing, despite sticking to the rules. Since then vary between sts and 1-2 per week.


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You'll also probably find that Dukan is higher carbed than Atkins, even more so if you had those fruit yoghurts so it'll take a while perhaps to adapt.

Why not join in the menu thread each day, and let us see what you are eating


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Thats a good point. I log my food on myfitnesspal and I've noticed I'm having around 35g of carbs a day which a lot more than on atkins. Although by contrast the fat totals are a lot lower. I wasn't expecting a dramatic lost, just to break the stall really. 1-2 pounds would be great. Do you think I should stick to attack for longer than the 5 days?
diet tips

Hi Becky i would firstly advise that you try to stick to the pure protein as advised by dr dukan and the low fat cottage cheese needs to be replaced with fat free and the yogurt stick to onken 0% fat free and you will see a drastic change i started last tuesday and have lost a total of 11lb which i was gob smacked by just gone onto cruise now i have both books from dr dukan so anything your not sure about give me a shout and i will look it up for you.
It does have a bit but dr dukan is not eliminating it totally from your body so that is why i think this one is the best but if you want you can have plain ff or fat free yogurt and add vanilla essence to it


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O.K. Goodbye to the yoghurts and cottage cheese it is then! Have got some total 0% greek yog so will switch to that with the oatbran in.

Thanks for the help. Will do a few more days and see if I can shift a pound or two. :)


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Asda sells Longley Farm Virtually Fat Free cottage cheese! That's the one we want, not the "other" one.

One yoghurt will be good - cos those Mullers are double sized.

For a sweet treat, buy some sachets of sugar free jelly and make some up. I get three portions (ok sometimes just two!!) out of one sachet and each costs 15p!

With Atkins, you have no (or little?) dairy so perhaps the sudden dairy influx is causing you strife... but it's early days and 35g carbs is fine normally, just for you it's a hike. I'm between 35 and 40 on a PP day and up to 65 on PV.

So have a few plainer days, drink plenty of water, get a walk in each day and see if things start moving. Post detailed menus too so that we can spot anything. Yesterday we discovered, for instance, that a certain Starbucks skinny drink contained three times the daily milk allowance! So had the person not specified that, we'd have missed it! (ie "coffee with skimmed milk" we'd have said FINE!! OK you're on attack, so dairy is theoretically unlimited, but I have to watch it myself...)
Thats really helpful, thank you. Asda it is! Tesco don't seem to do a fat free cottage cheese. The only dairy on Atkins is cheese (which I cut as thought could have been stalling me) and double cream, which I rarely had, just to add to a sauce.


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Good luck with those changes - I'll be looking for that L Farm one myself next time over cos I bought the wrong one myself and ate it liberally ;)

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