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Day Three....Help...

Hi All,

I'm on my 3rd day and this morning decided to go for a 3 mile run. I felt extremely dizzy and faint - i think perhaps it was way too soon for it. But i thought i would try and help the weight loss along. Eek...

Today is proving to be difficult, i'm feeling really hungry and coming home from visiting a friend today i drove by 10 (yes, 10) take aways. It has taken me all my willpower not to fall off the wagon.

Please tell me i'm not the only one struggling just 3 days into it....

Thanks x
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I felt really crappy on day 2 and 3. It will pass. Everyone on here was so nice and supportive about it.

I almost caved i even drove to sainsburys and nealy walked in the door and i was going to buy the biggest bar of chocolate i could find. But i diddnt.

if you stick with it'll get better, promise. =)
Thanks Splash - it's so hard, i needed to go to Sainsbury's today to get cleaning stuff and i daren't go in.I just know i will be seduced by the food in there. I'm doing all i can with resist. Did you start to feel better on day 4? x
yeah much better. I did cave tho and had a small green salad. I figured that'd be the least damaging thing to eat. Now i feel absolutely fine.

It's saturday night, so have a bath & pamper youself, stick on your pj's. Either watch crap tv (or bung on a dvd), have an early night.

Its a lifesaver...really is.
it does suck. Try it for a week...even maybe have a sneaky weigh tonight to spur you on. ;)

Worst case scenario after a week your finding really crappy still there are other solutions you can do. Like the working solution (2packs and a healthy meal)

Or like Yam was talking about the JUDDD diet. Where you have an up day (when you eat "normally", but i assume they mean healthy normal) and a down day (where you use your TFR packs). She seems a lot more in the know so maybe ask her about it.

You'll still loose weight!! Maybe not as quickly, but its not a race and it doesn't matter how quickly you loose but just that you get to where you want to be.=)
Drink loads of water, have a nice bath/shower, rub in some nice moisturiser and get an early night.

Trying to run during these first few days probably wasn't the best idea you ever had, but once you're past the first few days you will feel so much better and running (if you're used to it) will be a breeze again.

Trust us, we've been there, we know exactly how you are feeling. :character00264:

You just need to hold out for little while longer, only a few more hours...... you can do that, I know you can. :)
Cheers both!

You are quite right it there are just a few more hours in the day left, i shall 'man up' and be strong and do something to take my mind off it. Watching TV / DVD doesn't help - my habits are to sit with wine and snacks when doing it (hence why i am where i am). I guess that becauase it's the weekend and i'm so used to finding any excuse to treat myself to naughty food and drink it's going to take a while to crack the habit. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the tip, an early night is definitely on the cards.

Thank you both (i don't know how to do the thanks things i see on peoples profiles on here) x;)


Still Motivated
Hello samh131,

As Yambabe says, it really was not a good idea to try running today. Do you generally run 3 miles a day? Unless you do it really is not recommended. You will not assist the weightloss anyhow, as there is the danger that your body will fuel it by using muscle. On a VLCD regime your body is already taking in much less than is required just for your body to function. Even if you stayed in bed 24hrs you will still lose.

Tomorrow will be better.
Like yourself, Weekend nights for me was a bottle of wine (or 2) and nibbles in front of the box.
It does take a couple of weeks for that feeling that you are missing out to go but once the pounds drop that will give you the encouragement to crack open a nice bottle of sparkling mineral water instead. ;)

(BTW the thanks icon is on the bottom right hand side of a post.)

Love Myr xxx


Still Motivated
Actually ignore me and read the thread marked 'Exercise.' I had not seen it there and it explains it all much better. :)

Love Myr xxx
hi guys this is my first day of the diet im doing VLCD its going ok! do miss food though! but feel ok was wondering if i will start to feel bad tomorrow?
Hang on in there. Reading the Exante booklet in bed last night I think I remeber them saying that you should hold off on the exercise for the first two weeks x
The first week is so hard but stick with it, look after yourself (relax, have long baths etc) and get lots of early nights. That first weigh in is such a boost that the 2nd week is so much easier.
Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions last night. I had a long hot bath and an early night and definitely feel better today. I'm so glad i did not give in to the lure of takeaways and munchies,

I think i should perhaps lay off the exercise during this first week then. It did not make me feel good.

Zaine - on the first day i felt OK but days 2/3 (yesterday day 3) was so hard. Whatever you do, use this forum to help you. These guys are great support. By day 4 you'll feel better, promise...

I found day three pretty horrible and that was without going for a run! Just let yourself relax into it a bit before you start on the exercise. Maybe wait until the weight loss starts to slow down after the 1st or second week, that way the exercise will kick in and help you lose a little bit extra - will be better psychologically I reckon. That was my plan anyway, although it's only day 5 for me and I'm starting to feel a bit antsy now like I need to be doing a run or going somewhere or I don't know!

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