Day Three - Starting t feel it


The Big Shake House

its day three and im feeling a little tired not as my energy as i have on day one and two, still sticking to it tho, feel like i could eat for england, and europe but nooooooo shake and water for me.

Not doing so well with the water drinking at the moment i cant seem to take the recommended amount today which isnt doing me any good as i seem to have got a headache also got a late lecture which i have to be awake for lol ok ok i might have a little sleep.

Start my new job tomorrow so got to be ok for tomorrow, when do all the symthoms go away and the weight starts to fall off, i here so much about it but have yet to see it yes yes i no its still early days

garcia24 x
you should really try to drink more water. if you were drinking 3-4 litres or more by now you would be feeling the difference and the water does help with the headaches and hunger pains.
either way, today is day three so if u stick to the diet u should be in ketosis by the end of the day and tomorrow you will feel much better.

good luck and well done for getting to day 3

Good luck with the job tomorrow.

Have you tried drinking warm water, I find this helps loads and manage to drink between 4 and 5 ltrs every day. Try it it may help
thanks for the supprt i will try to drink warm water to get thru day 3
i really cant wait till i get in ketosis
garcia24 x