Day Three


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Well I'm on day three now... I'm so happy I've stuck to it so far! Am currently sipping my cappuccino (well, half a cappuccino in a coffe - it really is gorgeous!), and will then have a glass of water to get me on my way.

Hoping that I go into ketosis today... or even ready for when I wake up in the morning! I am meant to be going for a drink and to the cinema with a friend tonight but think I might try and postpone it... Going to a pub and then going to the cinema, when I can only drink water might not be a good idea in the first few days. Will see if he wants to go next week instead... might have to just play up my headache a bit.

Anyway, I'm feeling really positive! I can't wait to get weighed on Tuesday evening!! :D
so glad your sticking at it and its a good idea to cancel your cinema trip im sure your friend will understand if you explain,there will be loads of other trips for you when you feel readyx
Keep up the good work wait to weigh-in it makes it all worth it
Well done, I found on day 5 things were alot easier for me.
I would postpone the drink tonight too, all the temptation, its just not worth the risk- Unless you have Iron strength willpower ! :)
Hi Sparkle,

POSTPONE YOUR EVENING OUT - Its too much temptation at such an early stage in the diet!

Keep up the excellent work - you are doing really well.
Well I cancelled the drinks, but went out to the cinema. When I walked in all I could smell was pizza hut (quite nice actually), but just bought my ticket, then went to the confectionary bit and bought a bottle of water and wasn't even tempted to buy the popcorn or anything else! So proud of myself!

I've made it three days! I used a ketostix earlier and it was a dark pink... Apparently that means I need to drink more water! I'm drinking approximately 5 litres already! But at least I'm in ketosis, and although I really fancy food (simply to be able to bite and chew) I'm going to keep going until I can get some of the CD bars, I really think they will help me! In fact they were available for me to buy when I first saw my CDC... Do you think it will hurt if I get some in week two?

Anyway... Really happy with getting this far - just taking it a day at a time! :)