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day three!


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woow weve made it to day 3 girlies! :D well done!

I love my scales atm soo much, got on, and have lost 3lb since yday!!! :eek:

deffently in ketosis now, wasnt yday, as my ketostix was like a peach colour and today there light pink!:rolleyes:
feeling really good today, as taylor slept from 9 till 4 then 4 till bout 2mins ago!

Feeling really possitive today, and the thought of that twirl doesnt make me feel hungry! :eek:

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wednesday! cant bloody wait lol


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im going!! lol im off to lake districk in june:sigh: so i need to be fit for then! arghh all that walking! :eek:


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Morning girlies!! I've lost another 2 lbs since yest as well (lol) Im off to college in a mo so won't be around till tea time ish. Woke up this am absolutly starving, the kind where you feel sick and even drinking water hurts as tummys so empty starving, not nice. Not in ketosis yet as don't feel any more energetic and still hungry :cry:. Hopefully 2moro will be the day. Have to have my 1st shake early as can't make it at college and havn't any tertas, think will get some for nxt week.

Have a good day girls and be good!!! :girlpower:

the time will fly by, you wont feel wednesday coming. once you get wednesday over you you will be flying along then.

well done to you aswell mumto4 your doing really well.

becky x


Losing the baby weight!!
Well done girlies! I'm on day 3 too, and have also lost 3 lbs since yesterday. 6lbs in 2 days - brilliant! Hubby is doing the diet with me though, and he has lost 9lbs!! Its not fair, lol!!
Morning all :wavey:
Im on day 4 today and so pleased with myself for making it here! :D
I weighed this morning too and the scales have gone down 8 and a half pounds!! :eek: In only 3 days! :eek:
My 1st weig in isnt till next thursday and i cant wait either!
That will be day 10.. so should be a great loss!!
Well done all for making it this far :clap:
Morning girls

Well Im feeling terrible today, I have absolutely no energy, walking up the stairs to the loo (been doing alot of that) leaves me exhausted. Im not very hungry so think I may be in ketosis but need to go and get some ketostix.

Is anyone else wiped out like me? I just feel like I could drop, sooo tired, my body is too heavy to move and I keep feeling cramps in my tummy even though Im not hungry? Oh and I also havent pooped for 2 days (sorry TMI).

Weighed myself and it said I had lost 2lbs since yesterday then immediately after it said I had gained 4lbs - but I do have dodgy scales!
Hi Davis,

Well you could've written my thread for me but I put it on 5 mins ago under ' I Feel Yuk!'. Im on day 5 and have all syptoms you describe, even down to the poo!

I had so much energy yesterday, don't know whats happening. Might go get some ketosticks and find out!

Hi, well done to getting to day 3, you're doing fab. I am also on day 3 of restart but have managed to resist the scales because its TOTM for me at the mo ( over a week early :mad:), so i'm predicting water retention rather than any losses.

I will prob weigh myself on the day i arrange to see my CDC, either Tues evening or Thursday evening.

Keep up the fab work ladies, you are doing super. I hope the rest of the day goes well for you all.

Hi girls, hows everyones day been so far? College this morn got cancelled so i went to town and ordered my dd's bday cake and a few other bits. Came home at 12:30 and was famished (had my 1st 'meal' at 10:15) so wasn't due another but as i was at college until 3:30 i decided to split it in 2. Really glad i did it as it filled me up and had the 2nd half about 1/2 hr ago. Think i might do it that way from now on, having something every 2 hrs as oppossed to 4, makes me feel fuller. Havn't drank as much as yest (drank 4l yest) as of town and college but still weeing loads lol.



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feeling okay now, was feeling awful earlier on, could of ate partners hand for eating beans on toast in front of me! the *****! AND he made me make it him! anyway my moods cheered up now, really tired today dont know why lol. My face looks thiner already i think lol
I have just resisted an ice-cream. the van came and ds has got one but i was good. Also bought the kids some proper fruit pastilles and sweets today, dying to have one but so far so good. I have had a coffee with a tiny bit of milk in though, can't see that hurting lol


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im starting to get a lil peckish, may have soup soon lol
decided not going to bother making any more of the muffins/crisps ect cause i cant do it, and i end up really hungry lol
No im not making anything out of them either as if i screw it up i go hungry! Had a veg soup for my breakie and it was lovely!
Well Im exhausted. Its ridiculous how weak I feel but hope it passes quickly. Gonna try to go to bed early tonight to put myself out of my misery.

Carolyn I was hoping that by day 5 I would feel better. Have you been as lifeless as me for long or is it a new development?

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