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day six!


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god ive never felt as rough as i did yesterday night! i was soo achey! i asked mum to have taylor for me at 5, fell asleep till 9.45! and she had to come n wake me! today i feel abit better, reckon i got ear infection and cold :cry:

ANYWAY if my scales are the same as cdc, then iv lost a STONE!!!!!!! :eek::rolleyes::D hope there the same lol

still feel soo rought today, want to go sleep but cant obv lol.

hows everyone feeling? im rather peckish, and decided im not having soups when i get more from cdc, rather have shakes, anyone just have shakes/soups?
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Step away from the chips!
Sorry your feeling a bit poo today *hugs* but well done on sticking to the plan. A stone off will be amazing!

I dont "do" soups either - yuck, yuck & double yuck lol - so its shakes only here. Although tomorrow is end of week 2 so i'm going to try a couple of bars when i phone my order through later.

Hope you feel better as the day progresses & that Taylor is a wee angel for you so you can rest up x
Hi kimmie,

We are nearly there, im on day 8 (weigh in day) but TOTM so dont know if loss will be that great. Fingers crossed

I too prefer shakes def to soups, but ive been having a bar a day as my Counsellor said it would be ok. Not too sure but will see.

Anyway, keep at it, we can do it!!!

Well done Kimmie ..... I rarely have the soups myself .... occasionally i fancy one, but certainly in the summer I just have shakes - long ones with lots of crushed ice.

Well done - you are doing great - and look forward to your 1st weigh in!
Im a shakes only girl as well. But when I want something more I have a teaspoon of reduced salt marigold stock and hot water. Well it helped in the first few days!

Kimmie I havent had any energy at all either and have been in bed at ridiculously early hours. Feeling slightly better today however as its the first morning that I have woken up without my tummy actually physically rumbling.

I am struggling to drink my water and my tongue looks like a big fat brown furry caterpillar! I am continually brushing my tongue as its so gross! I cant get the water flavouring as I wont actually be starting CD for another couple of weeks, just gonna have to force myself to drink.


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I prefer the shakes as well, although i don't like the choc ones much, too powdery for my liking. I had a blip yesterday lol but enjoied it so not bothered!
wow well done kimmi for getting so far... keep taking paracetomol and drink plenty of water atleast 3 litres if you can!!

i vary one week i fancy shakes, next week i fancy soups lol... i am just having shakes this week and the odd bar here and there .... :)

keep up the good work.. your doing so well.. xx
hi kimmie, well done on getting this far a stone down already that is brill. sorry to hear your feeling rough hopefully it will pass. It varies what i get from my cdc some weeks i will only get tetra's and other i get a mix. i get bored easily so need a diff mix the odd time.

well done.

becky x
Hi Kimmie, well done for getting to Day 6. You are doing so well, especially with having to deal with your cold too. I'm also on Day 6 and feeling ok, no headaches, lethargy or aches but i do feel hungry now and then.

A stone loss is amazing, i wish i could lose that much weight in my first week. But my WI is tmrw evening and i dont expect a big loss due to TOTM :(

Try to drink as much water as possible, it will help to get rid of your infection and try get some some rest.

At the mo i am living off Choc Mint milkshakes, i can not stand the soups. But i want to try the potatoe and leek soup but i have a feeling it will taste YUK :jelous:! Has anyone tried it???

Good luck for the rest of the day hun :) xx
Well done Kimmie hope I am doing as well as you in five day's time. Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish. Right now I am so hungry I could eat my own arm and my lunch isn't for an hour! How do you get through the night??
I had the leek and potato yesterday and it was okay tbh/. I love the oriental chilli one, tastes like an indian meal yummy


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You're doing good!

I can't stand the soups either, spicy tomato one is OK but I think I'll just stick to tetras/shakes.

Next week I can have the bars, not sure how I feel about that - don't want to see it as a snack if you see what I mean.

Hope you feel better soon!


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still feeling ill lol. my lips are sore now =[
i tried the leek and patato one, and it was mingin i HATED it lol

i may get 7soups,13shakes and 8 tetras. will that be okay?
you could get all tetra if you wanted :)

I get 4 soups and the rest tetras for the week :)


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hi Kimmie,

Good to hear you're feeling a bit better. When I started CD I loved the soup bt have gone off them now and just get all shakes and tetras but I always keep a few soups in the cupboard in case I get a notion. I'm funny like that.... I like having the choice of them there even if I never have them. :)

I find the chick n mush the best of them but you cant make it into a mousse!

P.S. fantastic weighloss!!!

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