Day two...


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Hi all,

Well got through day one ok. Didn't feel that bad. Was a bit hungry last night so had a bath and went to bed early and read.

Ok today but my head's a little fuzzy and feeling tired.

I am having the shakes for brecky and dinner and soup for lunch. The shakes give me the runs lol, sorry to put it like that but they do! Has anyone else had this effect and does it get better? x
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Well done on surviving day 1 :D I have not had the same experience with the shakes as you did so cannot comment on that really haha..

I just advise to make sure you get all yur water intake, as its the water intake that helped me with the headaches and the fuzziness. That clears up after a few days Im on day 5 now and feel fine :) So keep going you're going to be fine :D
Hi im also on day 2,im using the chocolate shakes for breakfast and lunch and im making the soup for dinner.I can only buy chocolate CD shakes here in Norway and im buying a Norwegian brand soup which has to be mixed with skimmed milk but as im avoiding dairy im mixing it with soya milk.

so im just finding my way along and getting advice from this having monday as my weigh day and once I can change my profile ill put up a weight monitor. good luck . xx


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I'm a day 2-er too! I've not had any problems with looseness, could it be a bug you have maybe?
I'm having porridge for breaky, shake for lunch and soup for tea. Had broccoli and cheese soup last night which was yummy and I had the Oriental Chilli today for lunch. Do you find the shakes to be a bit grainy? x
The shakes have made me go to the toilet but thats a good thing for me. hope it settles down soon echo159.

I shake my shakes up in a lock and lock cup with the mixing tray in the top.I put water in first then the mix and shake for a good 60 seconds,then pour it over ice and drink it through a straw and not had any problems so far. x


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Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I really like the soups, spicy tom and chilli are my fav so far. The choc shakes are really nice wizzed up with some ice they taste yummy :)


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Hi, i'm on Day 3, Today i had apple and cinnamon porridge for brekkie, choc shake for lunch, but i split it into 2 drinks. Instead of cold water i added hot water-not boiling and then blended it. It is delicious, wicked on a cold day like today and i got 2 for 1 !!!

I only have a cheap hand blender so i put the water and powder mix into measuring jug and blend away, being careful of course i put my spare hand over the top so i dont get splashed!! Hasnt happened yet ;) I have also tried this with choc orange aswell.

Hope this helps xx


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Hey yea i'm on day 3 today, feeling fine today. Went cinema last night so didn't really think about food lol. Had the butter scotch shake for breaky that was nice. Has anyone been getting bad breath? I hate it, it makes me feel self con. I keep chewing sugar free gum and brushing my teeth and using mouth wash yuk! :) x

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Im loving all the soups, didnt ask for broccoli and cheese as i know they are discontinuing it.
I love the choc, choc mint and choc orange.

Cannot stand butterscotch, vanilla, walnut and toffee or the fruit things..... yuk yuk.

With the soups i play around a bit, add pepper or other spices to them. I have been known to mix half a soup with another soup.

To begin with i thought the oriental chilli waas too strong so put half of it with half a tomato and it was lush :D

You jut got to experiment, everyone is different.

Oh and a hand blender is a god send if you can get your hands on one. Think mine was about £15 from Tesco.

Good luck x


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Hello all. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. See you are in the first week here. I've just started (again) today to loose rest to get me to goal. So I wanted to wish everyone luck and introduce myself.

I haven't had any shakes or soups yet, trying to hold off as long as possible so I have one left for tonight (my danger time).

Good luck everyone!


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Thanks guys and good luck to you both too. Just about to have my spicy tom soup yum :) Hope you all have a great day xx


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Hello :)
I started the CD on 13.01.10
Having cin porridge for breaky (really struggled with this)
Cappacino shake, hot, for lunch (NEVER AGAIN) :(
And mushroom soup for dinner :) lovely and def a repeat choice me thinks.
It's day 2 for me now, and i just had porridge, and lo and behold i managed to eat it before it went cold today :) progress.
I feel ok so far, tho i must admit im struggling drinking all that water..tho i shall preserveer :)
The only problem i had on day one-yesterday is that i was constantly thinking of food HAHA!!
I admire all of you who are on the good ship Cambridge Diet. Good luck to everyone, hope you get to where you'd like to be :) x


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I'm on day 2 and its going well so far, not thought about food,no headaches, cant say the same for my OH he's having a bad time, don't know why we have been on it b4,well apart from his work when it's lunch time, his boss feeds them soup and roll and cake one day, cheese and toast another, and mince and potatoes on a fri.
When we did the cd b4 he was with another company.


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Have you got a problem with milk or soya? They are the main ingredients in the shakes. Could be why you are getting the runs.

Or you could be just random like me. I get the runs in week 2 every time then it stops!

Ask your CDC if it carries on. There are lactose free sachets.