Day two


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Well day two for me! I'm so happy I've got this far, last time I tried LL (a few months ago) I gave up at lunch on the first day!

I'm getting lots of support at work which is good, they're all proud/impressed that I'm on day two, and are just as excited as me to seeing the results soon!

I had a bit of a headache again today, but I just took a couple of painkillers and got on with work. Am currently on my 4th litre of water, no doubt I'll have another few glasses at home this evening as well.

What I'm finding most difficult is the habit of eating. Today and yesterday I've found myself 'looking forward' to dinner when I get home, and then realising I don't have any! Also last night when watching the tv i saw an advert for the new Pringles and I really wanted some. However I know I don't need them! Everytime I feel a little hungry I just have some water and it goes away.

What is keeping me going is, if I had stuck to LL when I started, I'd be down by now! In four months I hope to be down and start going through the plans to increase calories and reintroduce food!

We had 'book club' delivered to work today, and I've ordered the Jamie Oliver cookbook. I loved looking through and seeing the different recipes and am going to make a new one every weekend for my dad (I can't cook, so it might not be fantastic lol). I'm really looking forward to trying them myself once I'm down and eating again!

As much as I fancy and want food - I want to lose the weight more!
Lol... since starting the diet... I have bought two Jamie Oliver cookbooks! and 1 GI Diet one..

I have done so I can start to learn how to cook REAL food.... food that doesn't go PING! when I have finished dieting

I know it's some way away... but forewarned is fore-armed..!!

There are some yummy healthy recipes... and its written without all that gumf (the spiel) that some people tend to use. It is approachable... Well done little Jamie Oliver once again!

My partner prefers the Cook with Jamie one but I love the Jamies Dinners one!

Hope it inspires u too!
Well done Sparkle and its so nice that your mum is there supporting you too!!

As much as I fancy and want food - I want to lose the weight more!

well said Sparkle !! - keep that thought at the forefront of your mind and you can't fail to reach that goal :D
Excellent thinking sparkle, I think when we choose cd or really and VLCD it makes us sit back and take a look at food in genaral, we no longer want to shove our bodies full of rubbish afterwards.

Well done, im a rubbish cook too but I cant wait to try fresh new things when Im ready!!