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Day1 and already feel unwell !

So I did a trial run yesterday ( 2 slimfast shakes and when my parcel arrived late afternoon I had an Exante bar ) I was so tired and not particularly hungry BUT more like... not with it? Bit lightheaded, just felt strange. So today I've begun, had a shake this morning ( boy am I going to have to get a whisk at least, talk about lumpy! Lol ) have drunk plenty of water so far but still... this lightheadedness and feeling a bit strange. Is this normal??? Xxx
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The first few days are pretty tough hun and feeling not so great is normal. You should be feeling better by about day 4 or 5.
Stick with it coz the feeling does pass. x


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takes about 2 days to empty carb stores about that . feeling lightheaded about right yes , soon be gone you may have it all day ... it does pass . i am on day 6 feeling ok . i do notice my concentration goes a little on vlcd ... but its not forever lol


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Ita all pretty normal babes... Just drink loads n keep urself busy, also a couple of early nights (maybe a nice relaxing bath before bedtime) would help. Stay positive and stick to it.... it'll be sooo worth it!



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Try not to over-exert yourself today, just go with it! Your body is probably a bit in shock at the lack of carbs but stick with it, stick with it, stick with it! Believe me, there is no feeling better than when you hit the end of the week and look in the mirror and can see the weight loss and maybe fit comfortably into your favourite jeans!!! :)
The first few days just keep your mini-goals in mind to spur you on and get yourself a ticker, once you see the weight start to fall updating it is fun and a visual mark of your achievement x
I'm starting today, I tried making the shake by putting it in a water bottle and shaking really hard at first (it works for Slim Fast) but it came out really lumpy to. I bunged it in the blender for a few seconds and it came out perfect! I'm really surprised at how creamy they are considering it's water and not milk that you mix it with.

Like the taste so far, much nicer than CD I think. I made another shake ready for lunch (which I'm having now!), it's been in the fridge all morning and is lovely and cold now. So far so good :) I hope you feel better soon. x
I am on day 1 too- I had one soup this morning and I have a headache already! I know I'm going to feel rubbish for a few days but it is super hard to get through the days.


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Oh CannyScott, you and I are around the same weight bracket/goal, I was 150 when I started out x Get through these headachey times, drink lots of water, it helps and you could be in the 140s by the end of your first week! Totally worth it!x
140's -that's a good way to look at it i hadn't thought of that! -Thanks
wkdstepmum -that's my target now! I'm feeling quite motivated -lets see if I can keep that up tomorrow!!


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Ps Canny Scott, copy the BB not the HTML from the ticker factory site for your ticker to show up x

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