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Days off ... Good idea??


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Hi everyone,

well after my 5lb loss this week i have decided to give myself a day off to relax my eating a bit...

I plan on having a day off every week where i allow myself to ralax a tad and not worry about calories ect....

I am down a my parents at the mo until wednesday for my 21st BDay celebrations (my actuall birthday is thursday but thought seeing as it is bank hols would celebrate with them early!!)

As you can imagine there is lots of food and drink floating around so am enjoying that today but straight back on wagon tomorrow, just wanted to know how many of you allow yourselves days off and if you think its a good idea?

When i have lost weight in the past i always allow my self a day off, usually my weigh day.. i find this makes it alot easier for me to get through the week.

Just after your thoughts really!!!

Linds xxxx
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As long as u dnt go crazy i guess it could work. I did slimming world and there were days when id pig out like i sometimes get craving for chocci peanuts n i just had to have them on days...id go get weighed and dread it but actually turned out to be either same weight or lost some...

Your decision, long as u dnt go crazy like i said, it could work! :)

If its your bday, its the law to treat yourself! :p


nearly there!! :)
its a good idea long as ya can control it to one day...but i never can!! just keep an eye on that u dont go waaaayyyyy over ur points on ur off days xx


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S: 11st7.0lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.48%)
Thanks for all your replys...

I think if i allow myself a treat on my weigh day like perhaps a chinese or little bit of choccy then it will keep me on straight and narrow, but its like you guys say its making sure i dont treat myself all week!! lol

Still very focused so things are going well!!

Linds xxx
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well if you have a day off and can get back to it then thats fine i would say,but after my wi i always have a treat that evening :)
Hiya, i wasnt ones for treats doing weight watchers becuase if you have no willpower if can be hard too get back on the wagon as it is with any diet. Why not ditch the food treat and save it up for clothes as really all women like clothes!
You can incoparate chinese into your points plan.
On Slimming World they allow you to have a day of 'flexible sins' where you allow yourself a much greater allowance to eat/drink as you wish, then the following day you get right back on track and continue as normal. I know that WW is different to SW, but I think the main reason that the flexible sins worked is because you remained in control and still counted what you had within your flexible allowance for that day, and you got right back on track the next day. I think it was much more of a mental thing, as on the flexible points plan you consider that you're 'allowed' to have it and therefore haven't 'blown the diet'.

If you work your weekly treat into that way of thinking, i.e still remain in control of what you're having and getting right back on track the following day, then it shouldn't have too much of an impact on your weight loss. It might slow it down a little bit, but if you're enjoying yourself on the way to target then it won't feel like much of a hardship.

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