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Days out

Ok so we all have days where we're out for the day, be it shopping, family trips to the zoo, theme park, swimming pool etc. but what do you eat while out?

The reason I ask is, I'm off out for the day tomorrow shopping and I can't take a picnic really (will take a banana, apple and either a alpen light or hifi bar for a snack) and I'm struggling on what to do about lunch. I'll be on a green day as really need some carbs and they should keep me going for longer but this will be me my first day long shopping trip since starting SW:confused:. I'm thinking noodles or rice is a good option, if I was in the UK I'd go for a jacket with beans but they don't do that in Germany so the other option is a salad and its far too cold for salad. Arghhhhhhhhh why oh why do these things need to be so difficult
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Unfortunately pasta doesn't always agree with me esp cold pasta. I'm so not the easiest person to do SW but I will get there. Suppose I could do some lovely fresh soup ohne sahne (without cream) as that seems to fill me up then with the fruit as well should do ok. Must stay away from cakes in Starbucks, must stay away from cakes in Starbucks
How about making a quick veg soup and putting it in a flask?
The only way to do it is to learn.. go out as prepared as you feel you can be, i.e your alpens and fruit..

BUT, you cannot live your life without days out! so go out, unprepared and slowly youl learn where the best places are..what places have the best healthy options..

like i know if i go into the centre of bristol, i find a resteraunt called coal. i ahve the most expensive thing on the menu, but damn it's as healthy as i can get. chargrilled chicken skewers with boiled rice and mederterainian veg, and although its expensive, its worth it.

but if i go to the mall. i know there spud u like, a potatoe place that prides itself on its lowfat fillings..

liek you said its difficult where you are to find easy things like spuds, but you dont learn till your stuck with no other option than to find out.

go, enjoy your day.. and learn from any mistakes along the way, and if you get lucky and find somthing perfect, all the better. xfx
Cheers guys, hehe I did learn some new places today. Had the most amazing arabiatta today which had so many chilli's I thought I'd be able to light a coal fire with. There was so much to choose from on the menu that before I wouldn't of looked at, would have been a pizza, spag bol, something with chips etc but I managed to have a free lunch which was yummy and so filling I left half. Plus I resisted a cinnamon twirl in Starbucks which really is a miracle in itself.
Well done Hun...huge pat on the back!!!
It can be difficult when you are faced with so many temptations, so well done!
Glad it was too cold and that I was on crutches as could of murdered an ice cream as well, why oh why is there such a thing as a sweet tooth? First hurdle done with, bring on the next shopping trip


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Just out of interest guys, I've been to Alton Towers & Chessington this week & they have a new restaurant...pizza & pasta. They do unlimited Pizza (ignore that bit!!), but also Pasta & salad for a fixed price...you could have a huge plate of salad, followed by a hige plate of pasta(that's what I did...as I'm at target I did allow myself a few pieces of pizza!!). I'm sure there was oil in the pasta sauce...but you could either have that as your syns or have a flexisyn day knowing that your syns are probably not that many over.

There was also one at Legoland...but not the same deal...bearing in mind it's all the same company owning them all, that place is so expensive & such a rip off!!!

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