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DD and I am SO HUNGRY.


Maintaining 7 years
It is 3:30 p.m. here on my Down Day,
I've been successful so far, and my plan allows a bit more food in a couple of hours.

I just finished eating 1/4 cup of eggwhites
with a small bit of sauted onion, green pepper, and mushrooms,
topped with 3/4 oz reduced fat cheese. and......
I AM SO VERY HUNGRY right now.
This is Saturday and the weekend.

I managed to avoid eating too much so far today by going shopping
and I spent way too much money on 3 new coats...Yes, 3.
It isn't even what most people call cold here in central California....
I have savings and they were on sale, so Today won't kill my budget,
but I can't shop every single Down Day.
I need to build more tolerance for weekend Hunger. :break_diet:
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Have you tried making soup. I make a big pot for 100 calories eat that during the day.
As soozsb says drinking the shakes also helps in the day and a meal at night.


Maintaining 7 years
Try arranging it so down days are mon, wed, and fri. Eat mostly protein on those days, b/c carbs are what make you hungry. I don't get hungry when I eat mostly carbs. Or stick to protein shakes. I can go indefinitely on those.:)
Thanks, soozsb.

I microwave my protein powder into little cookies.
Many years ago I spent 6 months on a Dr-Supervised liquid diet,
and since that time I cannot bear to drink my food.

I agree with you about Protein on Down Days. (and I think it's also important on Up Days).
According to the charts, the basic Protein Recommended Daily Allowance
for my size and weight is about 41 grams.
I am usually near that on Down Days,
and usually surpass it on Up Days.

In the past sometimes I've had M/W/F as my Down days,
and I might choose do that again sometime.
My husband is taking every Friday off until New Years,
and will be taking many other vacation days this Holiday season
so right now I don't think that will help me.
Yes I love soup on my dd's! Especially this time of year. Good luck, sounds liek you're getting on great.

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