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Deadly Diets...ITV2 NOW

I wanna see but i'm at work :cry:

You'll have to give me a running commentary!!
Some woman who has developed a heart condition from taking diet pills containing Ephedra(?), but refuses to stop taking them - hides them from hubby, gets her friends to get them for her etc etc.

Apparently they are going to show them all the bad effects of taking these pills.

Next woman her son is begging her to stop taking the pills as she is hyper, premature aging, obssessive etc. The woman only weighs 117lb and wants to lose another 17 lb!!!
The above woman reckons she has no side effects from these pills, and yet she looks 20 years older than she is and her eyes are looking in different directions!


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that sounds funny. I had diet pills in my 20's - didn't lose any weight but got cramps, dr thought it was appendix so got rushed in, had them out, and them surgeon said 'nothing wrong with your appendix love'

if that happened today i would have sued the people who gave me tabs! it was at a gym, I was 8st 8lbs (i'n 5'2") and they said i should be 8st 3lbs...

they made me feel fat, start of my obsession with weight that was! grrrr.

let us know if her head falls off while you are watching ;)


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When i was younger & working all hours & shifts I used to take speed (amphetamine) everyday. Helped to keep me awake when i needed to (but i never had a problem sleeping when i needed to either) & I lost shed loads of weight dead quickly too as a side affect.
Never again. Ephedra is pretty much the same.

I had a friend who used speed to stay slim and suppress her appitite. It did work but she was completely manic and couldn't sleep, couldn't sit still for 5 minutes, was paranoid and couldn't really function properly - but thought that she was fine.

I'm bad enough on coffe and diet coke !

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