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Dear Diary.

Dear Diary

I am about to complete my second sw week and weigh-in tomorrow morning, I will report my losses/gains to you and will log my menus from then onwards.

Hopefully you will keep me in check and I can call upon you when I need to check up on Good loss weeks Vs Bad weeks.

I promise to come to you whether I am happy or sad, or just in need of a chat

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Dear Diary

I am chuffed to bits, I weighed in this morning and have lost another 2.5lbs....so that's 5lb in two weeks yaaaay:)

Today I have had a green day and it went like this....

B - Ready brek and milk (HEa, HEb)

S - Pack of Snack a Jacks

L - Pasta n Sauce, Terry's choc orange bar (10.5 Syns) This was my treat for weigh-in;)

S - Pack of Snack a Jacks

D - 3 Veg Soup

I am going to have some fruit soon (once the littlies are in bed) as I haven't had any today, most likely one of each, banana, apple, orange. Then on with sorting the kitchen out, dishwasher, wash clothes, and make a start on putting up the microwave bracket and the roller blind....

Mel x

P.S I will pop back shortly and fill in the syns, the baby is crying and I can't concentrate!
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Dear Diary

I didn't manage to find out the syns of the snack a jacks, I will try again when I get enough time, but they aren't in my old directory:whistle:

I have had a nuetral day so far, but have decided to go for a red day...

B - 3 eggs scrambled

S - Banana

L - Veg soup, orange, apple, onken ff yoghurt.

This is what I have had so far, I have some chicken breasts marinading in the fridge, covered in cajun spice:drool: and my HEb of Extra virgin olive oil... I am going to have that later with a nice salad and small cheesy spud.

That is all my A's and B's used up, and I will use some syns on dunking a few biccies later:p

I have got a family party on Sunday for my nan's 80th birthday so need to be restrained all week in case the buffet isn't very sw friendly.....
hi redmel welcome to minimins and well done on ur losses so far x
Thank You Val:)

I had my salad..somewhat later then planned due to a stupid row with dh, which had me reaching for the biscuits:cry: I am so annoyed with myself and know that this is a huge downfall of mine...emotional eating!

Anyway, later on I went out and finished off the dinner of
Cajun coated chicken breast
Small spuddie with cheese (HEa)
Spring onion
Red, green and yellow peppers

It was a mammoth salad, I should have taken a picture really:p well hopefully that will offset those pesky biccies:rolleyes:

I have got a friend coming in the morning, so need to have a good think what I want to eat before she gets here, so I am not dunking while she is here;)

Mel x
hey redmel, well done on your losses so far, a pack of snack-a-jacks is 3 syns and the jumbo ones are 2 syns each! its in the back of your main diary! :) keep going chick! xx
Hi nattynoo

Thank you so much for the snack a jack info:thankyou:

Unfortunately I haven't got the starter pack as I am going it alone at home, using this site (and google) as my main source of information. Maybe one day I will be able to afford the fee to join online, but at the moment........

Diary, today is a new day and I will forgive myself for my sorrow fuelled biccie binge:sigh: I forgot to get brekkie today as we lost the car key, so spent the morning frantically searching the house, found it in the end, but dh needs a good:asskick: as it was his fault it went missing!

I am going now to quickly scoff some fruit and yoghurt before my mummy friend arrives with her daughter:)

I will be back later to declare my food for the day, and to let you know what I decide to do with my pork.

Mel x
Dear Diary

Today I am doing EE, and so far it looks like this.

B - onken ff yoghurt, banana.

L - Tuna filled jacket potato, side salad, extra light salad cream (2 syns)

Dinner will be the absolutely fabulous chinese pork recipe that I pinched from the wonderful :angel09:Capricorn:) Although I have pork loin instead of shoulder today...I'm sure it will turn out just fine. I will most likely serve it with rice and vegetables...I am :drool: just thinking about it.

SO I haven't yet used any syns, or my HE's! My A will be milk for tea, and I have no idea what to use my B on:confused: I need to have a think about it and will update tonight or tomorrow.....once I have decided:eek:

Mel x
you could use ur b choice on 5 dairylea cheese triangles and a couple of pieces of melba toast (0.5 syns per slice) yummy! xx
Thx nattynoo - I was bit naughty actually and didn't have one in the end!

I am disappointed with myself today. I started so well, but have gone of track now. I will give myself a kick up the bum and behave from now on.

Today was like this, EE

B - Ready Brek, milk, banana (HEa, HEb)

L - Pasta n Sauce and salad.

S - Activia snackpot

D - 3 x Walls sausages, mash, veg (15syns)

Grrrrrr, a bar of galaxy chocolate that I couldn't restrain myself from eating and then 2 biscuits to dunk in my cuppa.....because I thought 'i've failed today anyway'!!!!! Well I have put that mentality out of my mind and will be extra good tomorrow to claw back my naughty syns.

Sorry diary, for letting you down.

Dear Diary, I have synned in a huge way!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a family party tomorrow for my nan's 80th so will be a bit if a write off...I promise to get back on track for Monday


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