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Dear Diary

S: 14st3lb C: 14st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well, here I am, day two!

After making a fool of myself and trying to hi-jack someone else's diary yesterday :eek:, I'm now starting my own in the hope of maintaining it (and, hopefully, with feedback) keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Yesterday was rather easy, but of course I am sure that that would be the excitement of starting something new. I’m guessing that it’s probably around day four when the monotony of deciding “what shake shall I have for this meal” takes over and I shall have to find the willpower not to give in.

Anyway, I’m still proud of myself that I managed to dodge the cakes brought in by the office feeder, no mean feat with the kitchen being in close proximity to my office.

I did everything I was told to, drank copious amounts of water and only leaf tea. I'm wondering what it is about flowers that you can’t drink any teas made from them – I love camomile tea and drank gallons of it before – however, have now found a new craving for Lapsang Souchong – a black leaf tea with a very distinctive smokey smell.

Breakfast shake this morning will be Vanilla – I can hardly wait………….
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peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Haha how did you hijack someones diary?

anyway hun dont worry about it or about getting bored or anything at around day four ketosis kicks in so you will find it much easier until then ok its not a walk in the park but it is doable.... just try to keep busy at times when others are eating around you or you get the dreaded hunger pangs... then as soon as you see the results from your first weigh in you will get such a boost it will spur you on the continue :)

well done for starting with such a positive attitude and just remember there are always people here to help at difficult times.... oh and 'office feeder' really made me giggle haha! :8855:


Determind dieter :D
S: 20st1.3lb C: 20st1.3lb G: 17st2lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Mingaling ...don't worry about accidentally hijacking threads ;) it happens to all newbies x

Day 3 I found was the hardest personally but it was well worth keeping to the straight and narrow :D

The best thing I've found is posting on here as everyone has fab tips to help and they are SO supportive if your having a bad day x x x Good Luck x x x
S: 22st4lb C: 15st8.2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 6st9.8lb(30.06%)
Yay you sorted it :) Sounds like your doing really great! water is really key on this and the Lapsang Souchong tea sounds really interesting! I'm a bit sick of the teabags we have as I find it really dries my mouth out (I have trouble with that due to tablets) and it seems really strong but it's prob just my strange taste buds lol Hope you've had a great day and I can't wait to see how you get on! :D

Tc XxX
S: 14st3lb C: 14st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Boo hoo - I spent the last 10 minutes writing up my diary, went to post it and for some reason it didn’t happen! Timed out maybe???

Lesson learnt! I’m going to type in Word first and then paste over … pesky diary – well I won’t be defeated.

I am so grateful to those that have posted replies on my diary – thank you, thank you, it is just the encouragement needed to keep going.

So, what happened yesterday, I’ll tell you what happened - I was just so busy at work I don’t know where the day went. Kept to the diet plan though and before I knew it I was home in bed, lights out and slept like a log!

The office feeder tried her best to lure me into the kitchen with her home baked coffee and walnut cake – it looked fabulous and the wafting smell was delicious but……… I forgot about it, worked my little socks off and by the time I went back into the kitchen to make myself a cuppa the other office gannets had done their work and put temptation out of reach for me. Thank you all, I am grateful!

Dare I say it I think I may have shed a few pounds, or does that sound like bragging too soon?

I believe that my kidneys are going to be in the best shape they’ve been for a long time with the workout they are getting by my drinking so much water. Certainly if not my kidneys then the bladder is having to work harder. I think I may have to attribute some weight loss down to the increased exercise running up and down the stairs to the loo – although when I say running, I don’t mean literally, oh no, I daren’t think what kind of an accident I’d have if I tried that.

Well, what surprise do I have this morning for the breakfast shake? It’s been my practise to just grab a couple of sachets and stuff them into my handbag as I dash out of the door in the morning. I rather like it that way. It’s such a shame there menu is so limited however, I haven’t tasted the chocolate yet, maybe today is the day.

Now, where is my handbag…………………


Determind dieter :D
S: 20st1.3lb C: 20st1.3lb G: 17st2lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have to say the chocolate shakes are the best imho. I can't drink the soup or the vanilla ones...can just about stomach the strawberry ones if blended correctly ~lol~

Well done honey for not cracking...isn't it horrible how people try and ram food down your throat and make this process no easier by making things and wanting you to try them. And by saying no thank you they seem to take offence!

I have to admit working from home for myself is a great help with this diet plan, as don't have to worry about blending the shakes :)

Good luck and keep up the fab work honey x x x

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