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Debating WI day

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Normally weigh in on a Monday morning, but it's over the weekend where I'm the most naughtiest ( but sticking with in points) and during the week I'm spot on. Wondering whether it's best to WI in on a Friday, does anyone else do this, or change their WI day to suit their lifestyle?
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Yep I think we all have at some point or other I weigh in on a weds and that suits me if I naughty on fri/sat I got atleast 4 days to sort myself out.. Do whatever suits u and keeps u motivated :)

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I get weighed on a saturday morning which is perfect for me.

I keep my weekiles till after weigh in and so I can do what I want on a saturday night as long as I'm back 100% pointing Sunday.

Only done it for 2 weeks but it's working.

I exercise 4/5 times a week and dont use exercise points so I have these if needed for a saturday. It's normally for wine!!

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Yep did exactly the same thing this week.. changed from monday to a friday :)

It makes much for sense for me I was feeling depressed with my monday weigh ins after excess at the weekend, so this will give me more motivation to stick at it.


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I'm thinking of changing my weigh in till a Sat morning or a Friday evening..... Just so I can use all my weeklies at the weekend when I tend to have a blow out..... Only problem is there are no classes near me on a Friday, booooo!!!! :-(

However I currently weigh in on a Thursday and it does make me think twice about which night (fri or sat) that I'll let go a bit so maybe that's a good thing seen as though in my previous life before WW every night of the week was blow out night :) Xxxxxx
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Personally for me I am happy that my weigh in day is a Monday morning, I am doing pro points from home and find it keeps me on the straight and narrow over the weekend. That's where I always fail....but going by the last 3 wks its worked wonders.

12lbs loss to date. :)

I used to do Sw and went to class on a Wednesday night, I would then come home and have a huge feast....then come the weekend it would be the same cause I would think ooh I've got a few days to sort it out again. I did always lose but it created a very unhealthy attitude towards food as I was then restricting what I ate to make up for it. WW on the other hand, I haven't had a single blip yet...I think you should do what's best for you as its a long term thing and he it helps you stay positive and motivated then do it.
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I do propoints at home and weight myself on Fridays and start my week from there. I like doing it like that because it means I get to see how many weeklies I end up using over the weekend so that I don't end up spending pointless weeklies during the week!


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I feel the same way, I'm not really good during weekends. They're my cheat days. That's why I usually weigh in Friday or Saturday morning LoL. But I will not change my WI day to suit my lifestyle. I guess i need to change my lifestyle


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I weigh in on a Friday as it suits my lifestyle, its also my day off and during the week is when I'm at my most active :) Reflects better on a WI day.

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