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Deb's weekly diary

I love this site and do my food diaries daily but only have time to do a weekly diary.

A bit about me

Feel like i've been on a diet since i was 14 loose it - stop - put it back on.

Time for change

No more diet now on healthy eating for life.

Have only ever tried two types of diets SW and calorie counting. Tend to use my calories for the wrong food crisp, choc and lots of bread. Have always felt that i eat the most healthiest on SW so have choose to try this one again.

Long time since i've been on this and want to start with a fresh outlook so am doing the EE plan.

My first week

After studying my EE book was ready to start. Began to worry after two days that it can't be right that i can eat all this food and still loose weight. I know i've done slimming world before but felt like i was eating both plans together. Only my first week and two obstacles to overcome.

My first one:

Coffee morning with the girls from work. We get together about once a month and today is special i'm booking to go to new york next April with my friend and our daughters for their 18th birthdays. At my house so i have to get cakes in (off plan today) thought we'd have a new york theme so had a cup cake( luxury choc one) and two bagels (raisin and cinnemon). Made this my dinner but god knows how many syns.

obstacle two:

unexpected barbecue!
i knew when i started that friday would be an off plan day but no way did i want another one. Lucky i bought some quorn sausages to try (never had them before) so took them with my nimble. Been on so many diets and had family barbecues my brother just laughed when i turnt up with my own food and had the " you on another diet comment" lol. But felt good on plan all day. Used to love the burgers from iceland but noticed they don't do them anymore any suggestions for my next barbecue.

well first week completed and loved what i've eaten and with a loss of 5lb already looking forward to next week. no obstacles to overcome next week yet but am ready for those unexpected things.
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Linda S

Full Member
Well done on the 5lb loss, and good luck for your next weigh in. I have my first on Thursday, so have my fingers crossed. Like you can't quite believe I can eat so much and still lose weight!
week 2

Not just luck last week cuz another 4lb off this week making a total of 9lb in two weeks would love to make it a stone in 4.

hope i can keep losing on the EE plan. worried if i go red or green i might overeat on free foods. Will stick to EE until my weight sticks.:D

Had a normal week no major obstacles to overcome but have enjoyed all what I've ate this week. One problem i have is everybody wants my food. My youngest keeps eating all my mikados, i love these with a coffee when i get home from my night shift. My OH is eating my bread pudding lucky i make enough for 4 servings but then he moaned he'd like it thicker guess I'll have to make him his own.

Find planning is the key to success so don't know what to do today left the chicken in the freezer and was making a curry:mad:. I cook for 5 and try to make similar meals for everyone guess tonight will be a mix and match night now.

Have decided to try a new recipe once a week.

this week i wanted a pizza for me so made vegetable pizza breads must take a pic next time i have them to post here they were yummy and did the job of allowing me to have my own pizza when everybody else had a pizza night.

well thats it i think I'll have them tea time 1 meal sorted 4 more to go:thinking2:

ready for the week to come

I know this weekend will have huge obstacles but will do my best to overcome them.:cross:

My recipe to try next week

syn free KFC just got to find chicken bovril paste.


Silver Member
Let us know how you get on with the Syn Free KFC - Lots of people have responded positively to it, and I'm dying to cook it myself! Roll on Sunday!


my pizza breads
week 3 already and lost another 1lb

thought i might struggle this week cuz i knew the weekend was going to be hard.


was off to london to see green day at wembley with some friends so decided to have a flexi syns day.

My planned day was fruit, 2 alpen light bars, 12'' sub which i ate all by time we went into wembley at 4.30:sigh:

came out at 10.00p.m. (had to leave early to get last coach home) and got a portion of chips with mayo not planned but had surely burnt lots of calories off bouncing about.


my parents were away so took a drive down to visit them. another unsure day (would have planned something to take but never had time being out all day yesterday). had a big cooked breakfast before we went and took some fresh fruit with me. managed to find a yog in the shop and my brother done a barbecue so ate chicken, bacon, pork rib, mushroom and onions with two small potatoes. thought i had survived the day well untill........we stopped on way home and got a chinese had the works couldn't resist.

my recipe this week

just made my first batch of KFC chicken. I left out the mixed spice and used paxo breadcrumbs. cut up chicken breast into 10 pieces, mixed 50g breadcrumbs (10 syns) with 1 tsp garlic granuals, 1 tsp black pepper, 2 tsps mild chilli and 2 tsps mixed herbs all together in a dish. mixed 1 egg in separate dish. brushed chicken with chicken bovril using pastry brush, dipped in egg and then rolled in breadcrumb mixture. messy job but used gloves well worth it.

just made some coleslaw to go with it yummy.

not sure what recipe to try next but just hope i can stay on EE and still loose weight.

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