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December Starter!!

Hey Sam I re-started 2 days ago.

December can seem a strange time to start but if you are ready, then you are ready, and go for it, we can do this!

Motivating words, hmm, well I did LL last year and between October and January lost nearly 5 stone, so if you keep to the plan 100% you will be virtually *guaranteed* to lose that 6 stone by June and you might even be in maintenance by then.

But, don't think about all that now - take it 1 day at a time, 1 hour at a time if you need to. And take it from someone with experience, once you get 1 week done 100% it gets to be SO easy and the time flys by (and the weight flys off!)

Be sure to spend lots on time on here, it's a great distraction especially during the early and/or tougher days!

Good luck with your LL journey!:)
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wow you have done excellent in the passed!! :) - what is ur aim now, how come u have started in Dec?

I have been on it 2 days and not done a full day on it so far its so hard!! but gonan keep trying! I really want to do it, Like u said I just need to do a full week on it perfect and then ill be ok!! - get through each hour is the way forward I think! lol
I've re-started now because I just feel ready to do it again, I've not been well and had to come off the program for a few months, gained some weight back and just hate the fact that I only got to spend about 2 weeks at a weight I was even close to being happy about! lol

My aim is to be around 14.7 stone, which is what my aim was before, I reached 15.10 but then things started to go wrong and I went back a steady-ish 16.7, now think I'm back to about 17.7 :( but don't know for sure and won't know until I get weighed on the 18th, I'm not fussed about what my actual losses are for the next 9 days as I know the program works and that's enough for me!
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Faliure is not an option!! We can both do it, and it will come off in no time IF WE STICK TO IT! .... no one else can to it but ourself! - Im sure u will loose what u put on in no time
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Faliure is not an option!! We can both do it, and it will come off in no time IF WE STICK TO IT! .... no one else can to it but ourself! - Im sure u will loose what u put on in no time
Hi Sam. :) Welcome to MMs and good luck!

You asked about quotes on the other post - and you just said one of the ones I uese all the way thru the diet...."Failure is not an option".

That keeps ya goin! GOod luck! :)
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hi sam
just read on pete's thread you are struggling - sorry to hear that.
you really need to do 100% to get you into ketosis - once you are in, its so easy as you really don't feel hungry - but if you keep having food you just won't get there and each day will be a struggle.

you prob will lose weight to begin with, as you will be eating less calories than normal - but tbh you may as well be doing weight watchers or slimming world if you are going to keep eating as LL is an expensive option to play about with!

LL will work - in 3 months time you will be at least 3 stone lighter ----but only if you give it 100% commitment

i hope you have got on ok today....its worth it, stick with it!

daisy x
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Hello Daisy,

Thank you for your note, it was good to read and what I need!! I am having an ok day, I read on here to split your packs into two, which I have today and feel ok, touch wood so far atill have to left.

What times do u normally have your packs? how long inbetween to do u leave it?

I just really want to make it through 4 days- just need to beat the evenings, need to give 100%

How long have u been doin it for and what have u lost? x
S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
Hi Sam
I finished RTM in september - so am maintaining (or trying to lol!)
I lost 4 stone altogether.
I used to have a shake at about 9am
a bar at about 1pm
a marigold savoury drink at about 5pm
a shake about 7pm and then either porrige or another shake about 9pm.

i loved being on packs as i really never felt hungry and loved feeling 'empty'
once ketosis kicks in it really will be soooooo much easier!

at first i would do the nail painting, long bath, reading magazines etc to distract myself - but after a few weeks it was just routine and I didn't need the distractions. i actually got obsessed with reading cook books, watching tv chefs and cooking for everyone i knew!

its really worth sticking at it, but you really really do need to do it 100% - there's no point otherwise!

daisy x

daisy x
Hey Sam how did you get on today?

RE the packs routine, this time around I've been saving all 4 of mine until the evenings then have 1 at 6pm, 1 at 7pm, 1 at 8pm and 1 at 9pm but that's mainly as I don't have any bars to take to work for "lunch", though I think I won't bother even when I do as like you said yourself before I too find that during the day I don't even think about eating it's just the evenings that trouble me!

You'll find whatever works for you, and when you do find your routine stick to it and you'll find it much easier, like Daisy said it all becomes very much routine after a couple of weeks and as unbelievable as it sounds you really do just start going "oh is that f**d? meh, who cares"
Hi Sam,

I think Daisy has given you great advice ~ you really have to get your head around this diet and know that food ( even little bits of it) are not an option. The longer you keep putting off full abstinence, the longer it will take you to lose weight.

My first week was horrible, but I was detrmined to get past that initial hunger as I really want to lose weight. Just keep reminding yourself how much you want it! And it really doesn't take long to see some results. I have gone from a size 22/24 to a comfortable size 16 after my 14 weeks of Foundation. I am now in my first week of carryin on with abstinence as I have more to lose, but it really is a routine now.

I am the only personin my group who has not cheated on this diet and I lost just under 4 stones in 3 months. Some of the ladies who "nibbled" have only lost 2 stones and are now pondering on how much they 'should' have lost. So, it's really up to you. There are so many people on here to support you, but only you can decide what does or doesn't go in your mouth.

And have your packs when it suits you ~ there are no set rules as long as you have the 4. Split them if that feels better,or do what Pete does and have them when you would normally pick.

Throw out food you feel will tempt you! I cleared all my cupboards and fridge at the beginning, but now, as Daisy said, I cook all the time for everyone else and I really enjoy it. It also makes you realise how you would just eat your way through preparing meals and licking your fingers, even before you sit down to eat.

Only 3 short months later,LL is a normal thing ~ I realise now that food was controlling me. Abstinence has helped me see that the power is in my hands.

Good Luck! xx :)


I will do this!
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hi Sam,

I just wanted to add to what the others have said. I am still on abstinence and have lost almost 4 stone in 14 weeks. I have really enjoyed it and found it relatively 'easy', that is after the first week which was horrid! I was grumpy, tired and it was horrible. That alone has stopped me from cheating as I didn't want to have to go through that all again. My only advice is sleep, that's what I did as much as possible that week and I didn't cook. Since then I have been obsessed with cooking and love making healthy dishes for my hubby and son. Hope that helps, and good luck. If you really want to do this you can. 7
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Hi Sam,

I hope you do not mind me joining in, but I too having come back to LL have struggled to get through even one day since starting nearly 4 weeks ago and have actually put on weight with all the messing about. I'm not sure what the problem is I only know that there is one and it is causing me to doubt myself.
Somehow we need to knuckle down, know that we are so worth this and focus on one day at a time.
Good Luck!
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Hey Jac Jac, touch wood I have got into the swing of things and amd doin "ok" I think, the advise on here is great and people are sooo good :) -

I followed the above adise and wrote a list to myself of why I REALLY want to do this and everytime I thought about goin downstairs n eating I read this list, I have it on me all the time.

Also I am very keen to get in Kts, I really dnt want to be hungry any more.

SO u have to think to ur self no food at all, 100% or ur just wasting ur moneya nd as Daisy said above u mite aswell be on ww or sl??

Take every day as it comes, starting today :)
S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
well done!
do you mean your stave one? - just double click on it and it will open it up
daisy x

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