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Decision- a treat for meeee!

Hey gang,

Well as you some of you may know I quit smoking at the same time as joining LT. I've not slipped with the food but must admit that in the fortnight since quitting I've had 3 cigarettes (and not enjoyed them incidentally :()

I worked out that I spent roughly £30 a week on fags...at LEAST as much again on booze and probably as much on junk food. I've realised that LT (as well as being great for my health) is going to be a good financial incentive.

Soooo I've decided to treat myself. Not in the 'family size bar of dairy milk after a curry' kind of way but a meaningful one.

I'm putting aside the money I'd spend on fags (£120 per month!!) and am going to go to New York when I get to February half term (by which time I should be at goal)

It's amazed me to think how much money has, quite literally, gone up in smoke!

Over the next few months I'm going to keep myself going by thinking about this once-in-a-lifetime holiday I'm going to have and the killer wardrobe I'm going to buy when I'm there. Oh HELLLLLOOOOOO Bloomingdales!!

I don't know why I've posted this...only that in deciding this I feel super happy and incredibly motivated. I haven't got a specific thing (e.g a wedding, or children) to lose the weight for and at times I don't believe I really deserve to lose it. I know that sounds perverse but I sometimes think 'what's the point' when I'm dieting. LT is so great though... I feel, for the first time in years that there IS a point, and that I DO deserve to feel flipping fabulous in myself.

I know a lot of us who overeat have real self-esteem problems and being big can really impact on your self-worth. I just wanted to say that I think you guys are Fan-bladdy-tastic and I'd really advise you all to think about a really special reward for yourselves for when you get to the weights you're happy with.

This is a tough old journey...and for me a long one...but I feel positive and so so so so supported by you guys. It really feels like a new start for me.

Sheesh...I sound like something from Jerry Springer.

Basically- chins up and be PROUD of the strong, brave, pro-active people you are. AND...CELEBRATE your achievements! Hold your heads high and think "I am on FIRE!!!"

Big love

Luce x
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How inspiring to read that Luce, I too have given up ciggerettes as well as starting LT, (gave up smoking 4 weeks ago started LT on Monday) I thought I was spending about £20-30 per week on ciggarettes, but I actually started to pysically putting the money in a jar everytime I would have gone out and bought them and guess what 4 weeks on I have £168 in that Jar!!!

Part of me felt disgusted that I had EVER spent that much money on what really is lets face in diggin your own grave, but I felt elated that I had not smoked and also saved the money, add that to what I am going to be saving on take aways and booze (Might also apply the same technique!)and I'll be laughing!

I cant wait to get to my goal and go on ONE MASSIVE shopping spree - WOOOOHOOOO I am so excited just thinking about it! x
well done to the both of you on making the decision to stop smoking.must be hard to tackle 2 issues at the same time x

new york sounds fantastic.good for you doing something for your target weight.
never been before but friends have said its great x
luce, ive only been on this site 9 days and i can already tell you are a fantastic person.
well done on the smoking and weight loss you truely are a DETERMINED GIRL:)
keep going and be strong and you have everyones support and hugs x
lots of hugs Nat xXx

Ps: thats the best treat and a well deserved one x
It's a brave move to do both in one go! I've realised how much I spent on junk food & have actually decided that I may well go to New York too for Reading Week in November after reaching my goal, great minds, eh?

I'm very excited for you :) Must be great to have something planned!

YES!!! Gotta think of a treat now lol My beautiful OH is paying for my Masters this year so it's pretty tight as it is, but if I manage to save enough I think he'll deserve a treat. Maybe some Everton tickets and trip to Liverpool. And if I get to go too and have a wee shop around all the better! ;) :D


Positivity is the key
Hi Luce,
very well done to you to stop smoking and by the end of your journey on here you deserve to treat yourself in a major way. It will be just the incentive you need to keep it going. Best of luck.

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