decision finally made!


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Have finally decided to convert from CD to SW. Even though I've had a fantastic loss with CD (2.2 stone), I've decided I need up my fitness levels and tone and to do this I need to eat so have decided to swap. My mum is going to go to the weekly meetings and do the diet with me as well so I have a buddy!!! We're also going to go swimming every week as well (I'll go to the gym 2-3 times a week on my own as well).

I've got IBS and since re-starting the diet in the new year have had really bad constapation and not amount of fibre powder is shifting it, it seems that whenever I eat I have a really good bowl movement so thats swayed my decision as well.

First meeting is on Tuesday, but I've downloaded their 7 day free trial menu to will follow that tomorrow.

Thanks for all your helps and tips so far, I shall now make my way over to the SW board:wave_cry:
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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
good luck essexmum! My friend did Slimming World. Lost loads-seem to eat copious amounts of wholemeal pasta with a homemade veg sauce. Was very effective for her!