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decision made, time to re-feed

Ah well, i've finally made the decision thats been on my mind for 2 weeks. I've been on lipotrim for 18 weeks and have lost in total 5stone 4lb. Since Jan i've started running and burn off more calories than i have daily so i've been finding lipotrim harder to deal with. Also i'm really happy with my size (although i would like to lose a bit more) i was size 22 bottom and 22-24 top, yesterday i got into size 12 jeans and 14 top (I was last this size at about 11 yrs old). I'm really worried about re-feeding but i'm going to join slimming world which i think will help. When i first started lipotrim i said it was a kick start, its been more than that but i can't rely on it forever and need to do it myself (so to speak). I know i can do it, and lipotrim has given me a whole new me with lots of confidence, but i've recognised lately that i'm literally starving myself with the exercise and also becoming very obsessive with weight loss, exercise and lipotrim. So here's to re-feeding and joining slimming world.
I hope all of you have the success you want, i never ever thought i would do it but i have, looking at my old photos really disgusts me and i won't let that happen again.
It really does work but it can't be forever, good luck all and thanks for the support you've all given. I'll still come on here and update to keep a track myself.
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well done on your weight loss and it sounds like your doing the right thing for you, youve made a huge achivement and it looks like your well set up for the next step! well done your and inspiration!
nic x
thanks nic for your kind words, i've really struggled to come to a decision and feel like people don't understand. you done really well losing a stone, keep it up its so worth it. thanks again


Don't Worry Be Happy
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well done and good luck for the future :)
S: 20st8lb C: 20st8lb G: 11st8.5lb BMI: 43.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i dont think anyone understands LT unless your on it and even then people will differ opinions, i have the sma plan as what your doing.. get me down to a weight im happy ish with and can exercise well on and then get the rest off with slimming world, so i can re educate my way of eating.. i really think its sensible and if you keep up with your exercise you will find a much healthier you even with food xx good luck! let us know how u get on too xxx


Size 14 here i come!
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Well done weshie on weight loss and decision to move off LT. As you say it can't be forever and i'm sure you will be fine on SW.
Good luck hun!
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Thank you for your post Welshie. I love your honesty.

Congratulations no your fabulous weight loss and how it has changed your life.

I think you have made the right decision for you. You'll do brilliantly with your new found confidence and body.

I know exactly where you're coming from in regard to the exercise. I'm a bit of an exercise freak. I had to reduce my cardio drastically, as it was getting too much. I too am looking forward to refeeding/ maintaining so that I can exercise so much more.

I think it's great that you've exercised while being on LT, as it puts you in an excellent position to maintain your healthy weight through healthy eating and exercise. You've had a great head start.

I wish you all the luck in the world with the rest of your journey. Please don't be a stranger. Let us know how you get along.

I know I'm cheeky but any chance of posting some before/after photos?
Thanks for your comments and encouragent. Betsy I'll take some after photos, there are some before and halfway thru on my profile, your photos are amazing, bet you feel a million dollars. Good luck with the rest x
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Congratulations on your weight loss and I'm sure you'll do well at SW. Keep us all posted as to your progress.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Welshie, well done on doing so very well on LT. You are so right to make the decision you hae made. LT cannot be relied on for ever. We can all get too fearful of a life without LT. We must face the real world of food and our attitude towards it.
It looks like you are in control of things. You have been exercising and have a regime in place that will stand you in good stead when you refeed and maintain. Lots of luck for continued success in maintaining your new size 12/14 figure.

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