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Well everyone, I am not sure if you remember me, but I did CD and had Gallstones before doing it but the diet seemed to irritate them, so after losing 3 stone I was taken into hospital and was there for 2 weeks then discharged and I continued on a no carb plan then after 2 weeks got taken in again for another 2 weeks and had my gall bladder removed! I had 100 stones. So really happy they are out. Ive been TRYING| to follow WW but I just cant get food out of my head the whole time im on it!!

So my plan is to come back to CD. What do u think though, I had my op in October do u think they will let me do it or do u think for my own health wait and start after xmas? Im desperate to get the last of it off now. I stil look in the mirror and see and 17 and a half stone whale!!!!!

Any advice would be appreciated!?

Anna xx
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Hiya Bo lovely to see you, i think Hedgemag is right and you should wait at least 3 months to let your body recover....nothing stopping you eating healthily and exercising and still coming on here for inspiration though :)

How are u feeling after your op?
Im feeling so much better now I dont have them anymore!!!
Just getting frustrated with not being able to focus on getting the weight off, even though I have ordered my dress and the sample is the size I ordered so know how much I need to shift!!!!!
You have done sooooooo well!!!
Well done!! Not long till our wedding now!!
Can u start exercising yet Bo or do you have to wait? My CDC actually told me last week that ive got the motivation to not need to CD coz im doing the 1200 plan and exercising and she reckons my weight losses would be the same so maybe it's not the end of the world that you have to wait get yourself into a nice exercise routine then it wouldnt be as big a shock for your body!!!
Yeh I have started back at the gym, but I still seem to be eating bad food!!!!
Im just not going to buy any snacky food anymore and then I cant have it!! I have healthier versions of everything but just eat double or triple quantities which makes it unhelathy!!!!!
Yeh have done very very well consdiering ur on 1200.
How much do u go to the gym? What do u do?
Thanks, i go to the gym 3 times a week i do 35mins on treadmill at speed 5 incline 6 then 25mins on the bike on cardio level 5 then 10mins on crosstrainer lvl 2 then 160 sit ups and 20-30 lengths in the pool.

I also find that once im into the low carb after a day or 2 i dont crave junk food and infact it makes me really poorly am ether sick or have the runs with terrible griping stomach. Try stopping bread and having pitta bread, fajhitas or tacos and swap potatoes for sweet potatoes.....chop them into wedges sprinkle with herbs and put in oven for 45mins on gas mark 7. Oven cook chicken or turkey in herbs or a low fat sauce have fruit for your dessert or when you're feeling peckish and of course the oodles of water lol. If i wasnt on CD i'd have a bowl of porridge for my breakfast while it's cold and then for lunch i'd probably have a chicken salad and then a main meal like i'm having at the minute
And hey 10lbs in 4 weeks is fab!!!! That's over 2lbs a week missus!!!!!
Your so good managing 160 sit ups!?!?!?!?
Im going to the gym tomo morning!!
At the mo I have Porridge,
THen have fruit mid morning, then lunch is Pitta with a low fat filling and salad and then its wen I get home I have about 3 packs of frnch fries crisps and then my dinner!!!! Im so bad really!!! Also choc is calling me, I blame cadburys for bringing back Wispas!!!!
Ive been reasonably good this wkend so I shall go to the gym tomo and then see the damage at weigh day on mon!! As am still at WW then hope to get back on it and focus until I can do CD. My trousers are starting to get a bit tight and I am NOT going back to my size 18's!!!!!
Right well how about going to the gym at the times you're most snackish??? That's what i do coz as soon as i get home i'd hit the cupboards otherwise and when i go to the gym i come out not hungry atall just VERY thirsty oh and i up my water intake by 1/5l when i go to the gym!!! The sit ups i do 2 lots of 20sit ups so i do 20 with legs bent 20 with legs straight then 20 on each side and then repeat :) i sweat like crazy but ive lost 8.5 inches off my waist for doing it teehee :)
Ok kokey take care hun and dont give up look at how far you've come you can do this be it CD or WW or just plain healthily lifestyle!!!! xx

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