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Deflated - When do you WI ?

When is your official weigh-In, morning or evening ? Had my 1st official WI this evening and tbh, quite dissapointed. This morning I weighed on my scales at home, 11lbs lost !! But tonight on my CDC scales only 5 lbs lost. Disaapointed its so small considering no food or drink (apart from water) I could lose 5lbs in just 2 weeks on WW with eating !! (and my scales and WW scales arent that different in the readings) TBH Its deflated my feelings about doing CD. Its just made me want to start eating again ... healthily.
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The problem with weighing on two sets of scales is that those two sets of scales aren't the same.

You should always weigh at the same time of day every time too - as your bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day.

You would not lose 5lbs on a WW or SW diet in a week.


Lil K

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Hi Paul

I understand where you are coming from, and your natural dissapointment.

When I first started I relied on my CDC scales. My appointment was in an afternoon, so I too would have gained weight from the water and shakes I'd be having during the day. However after a couple of weeks I changed CDC's, so another set of scales and another time of day. So from then on I've relied on my own digital scales.

Weigh in first thing on a Monday morning (no clothes, after trip to the loo) then I see my CDC in the evening. So, although the losses on my green card are not always the same as my early morning weigh I don't let it bother me. I just take my reading from my scale: same time of day every week, same conditions.

All I will say is: do whatever you need to do to keep your motivation high and to stay on the diet.

Stay strong xx


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Hi Paul,

Don't forget if you are weighing the same time with your CDC each week, it should equalise out, also don't drink loads of water before you go, I used to stop drinking about 2 hours before my appt and make sure I took water with me to drink after WI..

Don't be downhearted, it is coming off, that is the difficulty with weighing on two sets of scales...

Hi Paul,
Try not to let it get you down, easier said than done I know but like Lil K I weigh myself first thing on morning of weigh in and jot down loss, I weighed myself in morning of day 1 when my CDC had weighed me in the evening before, I have my numbers, my CDC has hers and it's fine like that, I don't even look when she weighs me because they are so different, if your doing it 100% and drinking your water you'll be losing pounds or inches, so if you feel better on your scales jot them down, it will all equal out in the end. If I'm talking tripe tho someone will be along in a mo who really knows! I'm only starting week 5 2moro but if my rambling has helped then that's ok!!!
Hi Paul

I have an evening weigh in at about 7.30 and I always stop drinking about mid afternoon, I still tend to weigh about 2lbs heavier than I do in the morning and just keep track of both weights.

I used to weigh in on a Tues @ 2.30 and so stopped drinking about 12-12.30. Now I weigh first thing Wed morning so no problem there. I never weigh myself at home though - I weigh just the once per week on my CDC's scales.


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You would not lose 5lbs on a WW or SW diet in a week.

Sorry to disagree but that's not the case for everyone, i've lost 5lb on WW before in a week and it wasn't my first week either.

Paul, had you drunk lots of water before your weigh in? My weigh in is at 6-6.30pm so i usually stop drinking at around 3pm and when i get weighed then my cdc scales usually match what mine said that morning. I know it's hard but don't feel too down, why not give it another week and see what happens at your second weigh in :)
follow everyones advise and just use one set of scales. You just yourself in a mess and upset getting on and off the scales all the time. Keep at it xx kim xx


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my scales are generally 3lb lighter in the morning than my CDCs in the evening

good luck for your next weigh in
Its general science that at the end of the day people weigh about 4lbs more than in the morning which is why you are always told to weigh at the same time of day which would explain why when you got home your scales matched you cdc. It would also explain the 11lb loss in the morning if your first weigh in was in the eve the week before

None of that prob helps you though if you dont feel a 5lb loss is good enough for a week. Put it this way though; if you can lose 5lb in two weeks on another diet and 5lb in a week with CD then that means you can reach your goal in half the time of any other diet. Does that make it worth not eating? It would to me

Good luck in whatever you do

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