Degree Result

I'm thrilled for you! The hardwork all paid off then as it will when you look stunning picking up the degree. CONGRATS!

Ive done a three year course at the UEA, to be a midwife, so i have a BSc (Hons) in Midwifery:) (Hence the name)

Going to start work on the 2nd October so am really nervous.

Its been three years hard work, Ive got 4 children under 12 so you can imagine the guilt ive been feeling:( but ive been off since begining of August which has been nice, its a bit surreal now having to start work, Im quite getting used to being a mum/housewife again:rolleyes:

hi Sarah,

Many many congratulations to you!!!!

i also want to become a midwife, eventually!!! when the time is right.

well done you!!!!!
A 2:1 !!! That's awesome!

Many, many congratulations: I've just started my 3 year degree course and you are an inspiration!