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Fighting the bulge
Last week she was telling someone about success express, and all she said about it was that your plate had to be half full of superfree, rather than a third. Nothing else, nothing about snacks being superfree, or about any other part of it.
Im doing Success Express this week - just to clarify for anyone else thinking of doing it its 1/3 free and 2/3 super free foods.

Oh that doesnt sound to good!!?? My old C was getting things wrong all the time!! It was only because i had done SW before that i knew to question it! Ive changed groups now and my new C is really good!

Has anyone said anything to her about it?



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That doesn't sound good.

It might be okay for some who know the plan well, or who have the time and inclination to read everything thoroughly for themselves, but if members are getting the wrong info, that's potentially disastrous, and someone should say something to the C for the sake of the group.
my consultant is exactly the same...luckily we have a member in the class who knows SW inside and out so she always corrects her. If anyone should know SW the best it should be the consultants.

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My C is the same :( She keeps telling us all to make the pasta n sauce quiche with savoury rice as a base cos it's 'great to snack on'! She regularly gets syn values wrong and a few other things too.

I feel bad - I've tried to correct her a couple of times, but don't want to come across as a know-it-all :eek: She just doesn't seem to make the effort to keep up with information. Thank goodness I've got Minimins!!
Not as yet, but then they our the c and they should know best, i guess we have to take what they say as truth, unless we know otherwise,


Trying again!!
Ooh what a patient lot you are! I wouldn't be able to stay at the class if the C was like that! I feel if I'm paying for it then it should be right!!
Ooh what a patient lot you are! I wouldn't be able to stay at the class if the C was like that! I feel if I'm paying for it then it should be right!!
If I had the option of a different class I would! There's another C in our area, but my haridresser goes to her classes and from what she's told me, her C is just as bad...
I'd definitely be saying something to someone! You are paying for her help and advice and she should be giving correct information. No wonder your classes are having gains if people are eating what they shouldn't. Eeeeek.
I would contact SW hq, this C obviously has a training need. She is letting you the members down as well as SW. I think her saying oh well she is dippy is plain rubbish. Members need proper, correct info to support their weight loss plans.


Trying again!!
I agree lemon_fizz
There are a lot of people who will rely on the C for information - eg there are a lot of people with literacy problems or have difficulty understanding the info. I know it's a franchise but surely SW would want to know if false information is being given as it's bad publicity for them.


my consultant was being assessed the other night for the info she was giving out, I wonder how oftern this happens.

Luckily she knows her stuff.

I did however see a trainee consultant giving a newbie talk and even though I had only been going a few weeks I did hear her giving conflicting info :eek: but then when I did ww my consultant there was giving out wrong info to, it must be a common problem accross plans.


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This is the exact reason why I've not rejoined a class - the C was useless at my old class and she also takes the only other class I would be able to go to around here. I would love the support of a decent group but I'm not paying a fiver a week to hear rubbish information! SW HQ definitely need to know about C's giving out wrong information. When C's are advising you to tweak the plan then something's wrong! These tweaks might not affect their losses but for others the results of the tweaks could be devastating.


Always comes back to MMs!
My C gets things wrong now and again but is corrected by the class... I think as she has been with SW for a few years and seen the change from G&R to G,R and EE that sometimes her memory deserts her!!

But... its our money we're paying out every week and they need to update their knowledge to prevent gains and misunderstandings!! xx


Fighting the bulge
I have edited this as it did sound harsh and wasnt meant to

Basically i do think that it is a Cs job and therefore they should provide the most accurate information possible, if they are consistently giving out the worng information then they should be going to the training courses Jaylou mentions below to get a refresher

Also we should correct them when we know they are wrong - not to sound like a know it all but for those that dont have others on here to correct them :)

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Ooooh dear, we are becoming a little bit harsh here!

Can you remember everything you need to at work? If someone asked you a question, could you answer straight away without looking for the answer somewhere? Do you never make a mistake?

Whilst I do appreciate that some of these errors are real bloopers, some of them are little mistakes (like superfree chips, a wording error surely?) and really not that bad.

I have a full time job and a family and considered being a consultant but decided it would be too much for my head to handle at the moment. Some of these consultants are in similar position I am sure!

BTW, from what I understand, consultants need to go on quarterly training to refresh their memories and catch up on any new information and I would honestly say, if they are that bad, then you should mention it to them and then to head office.

Just remember though....... they are human!!!

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