Hi Kam
Sending you loads of positive vibes (as well as keeping some back for myself as I'm starting SS again tomorrow!)
Are you actually going back to full SSing and if so, do you know when?

How was your mini-break? I bet you were a lot more controlled than me in Holland!! :eek: (we're talking food here by the way!!)

I'm seeing my CDC this afternoon at 3.15 for the dreaded 'I jumped off the wagon' weigh-in. I've decided to regard it as an absolute new start: I'm going to make a new wall-chart .. it'll be too depressing to put an upward deviation on my progress line so todays weight will be my 'start weight'.

Good luck with your new start Kam - keeping your focus tight and tracking everything is a fab idea. Looking forward to this new phase for both of us :)

You deleted the thread whilst I was posting this .... but my comments still stand