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Depot Injection and weightloss...

Hi everyone,

I've been on the depot injection for about 9 months now.

Anyway, when I did SW about a year ago I lost a stone in a month (and cheated).

My latest attempt at SW has been awful, I've lost less than half a stone in 5 / 6 weeks. I've tried being really really good and not cheated half as much as I did when I lost my stone....

So, I'm thinking it could be down to the injection. Has anyone else found this or is it just me?

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Found this on the net!


Can the Depo-provera contraceptive injection have side-effects, and if so what are they? Should women with certain women with certain medical conditions not use this form of contraception?


Depo-provera is a very effective form of contraception, and suits many women.

However, like all medication, it can have some side effects. Both weight gain and disturbance of periods are very common with Depo contraception.

My Dr wouldnt put me on it cos he knew I wanted to lose weight. He said the coil or condoms!
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I found I struggled when I was on the depo injections - went on the pill instead and that seemed better because it's a small amount of hormone everyday rather than a big spike dose with the injection that slowly drops down over the three months.

I've swapped over to the arm implant now but have only had it for about two weeks so not ready to say if it's good or not yet, been getting bad skin and my arm still itches. Started SW the same day I got it put in though and have lost so at least it's not having an immediate negative on weightloss :)


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Hi hun I have been on the Depo injection before. I was told when I started it that I may put on a couple on Lbs. I assumed I would put on a couple of Lbs all in all. I was putting on a couple on Lbs a week I had the injection 3 times and in that time I gained 3 stone. I think it works out ok for some but not for others.

Have you thought of trying a different form of contraception if you think it is not working out for you.


I ate my willpower!
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I am going for the new coil. It releases a small amout of hormones which stop your periods as well. It's much better than the old coils which caused heavy periods and all that nasty stuff. There arn't as many risks like blood clots and stuff like there is with the pill. I will get some info for you.
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I don't fancy the coil purely 'cause of the invasiveness of it. Saying that I know the arm implant is in you but it's just under the skin not up in the tubes as it were lol
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Oh Dear, dont get me started on depo. I gained over 20 pounds, hair fell out, arm tremors, blurry vision, etc. There is a black box warning against it now!! I had my last injection in January of last year after I finally figured out what was happening. Side effects mimic thyroid problems and docs spent a lot of time lookin at this. I am just now over 9 months later beginning to have a resemblance of periods again. It appeared to work at first, but not worth the side effects. Weight gain is massive for some people, warning says about 5 pounds, humm yeah right. Anyhow, hence this diet to attempt to get healthy allround again and take that extra stone and half off. Good luck Estelle

Mrs V

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Can I also add that if and when you decide to start a family after coming off the depo injection, it seems to take longer for women that have had this injection to fall pregnant as their bodies need to work it through their system.
I would seriously consider another form of contraception Hun.

Thanks everyone, I'm 90% sure I'm going to come off it.

I know I sound like a baby but........ I really hate the thought of me lying there in "all my glory" whilst the coil is fitted....:eek::cry:

I know I shouldn't be scared but I am.

There again, I got a letter saying I need to go for my first smear soon... so I've got to do that so maybe in for a penny - in for a pound?

Arrrgh. x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Kill 2 birds with one stone...so to speak!! Lol
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Aw that's my thing aswell, I've not had my first smear either - they changed it to twenty five from twenty one just as I turned twenty one so I escaped lol Though saying that I've already had a baby and that's obviously much more invasive than a smear or a coil fitting!

What are we like lol I hope you get on alright when you go sort it out, I go to a family planning clinic and the staff are usually very helpful with discussing all the options and what will be best for you x


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God don't get me going on hormone contraception the pill makes me mental and fat the implant makes me mental greasy and fat , i daren have the coil simply because i have been advised to stay away from anything that might make me unbalanced. I had to literally beg to have the implant removed from my arm as it was making me have violent mood swings it's out now but the wonderful side effect is that i now have dark hairs that appear on my chin lmao. If i were you i would steer clear of anything you can't come off straight away or have the none hormone coil, i even tried the cap in a last ditch attempt and that is just a pain in the arse .
DON'T have the mirena Coil, I had this and it made me really moody spotty,painful lower back (like when your due), head aches and I put on 8lbs in the first month, it also hurts when they fit it as they have to snip some thing inside!! I also had the copper coil and I bleed non stop for 11 months.


I ate my willpower!
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Think I am gonna keep my legs crossed too!

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